Building or renovating in the shire? Check first if you need council approval.

DAs are the most common form of application and are often used for smaller scale, one-off builds and renovations.

DAs can apply to:

  • adding something to a house or other dwelling like a deck, balcony, carport, pool, extension, extra storey, granny flat or fencing
  • changing the use of space or increasing the floorspace in a residence or business
  • erecting a new residential, commercial or industrial building.

See Your guide to the DA process.

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CDCs can be fast-tracked via council or an accredited certifier if strict development standards are met.

CDCs can apply to:

After more information? See this comprehensive guide or contact us.

Some minor builds do not need council or professional certification.

They can include driveways, solar energy systems, aerials, garden sheds and temporary structures.

Exempt developments:

  • are small scale and low impact that meet all exempt and complying development codes and other relevant standards
  • cannot take place within, for example, an environmentally sensitive area
  • can apply to residential, commercial and industrial properties.

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Integrated development

Some DAs need approval from referral authorities – usually state government agencies – before they can be determined by council.

Some infrastructure, conservation, Aboriginal cultural heritage, and waterway projects are examples of integrated development.

Designated development

Designated developments typically have a high environmental impact or are in or near an environmentally sensitive area.

Examples include large marinas, quarries and sewerage treatment works.

See this local development page from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment for more on designated and other less common types of development.

Fees apply to lodging, modifying and reviewing applications.

See NSW Department of Planning fees and council fees for a guide to costs.

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Building without council approval can result in on the spot fines, an order to demolish, alter, repair or remove the structure and further legal proceedings.

See our compliance and enforcement policy.

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DAs are now being streamlined