Building Information Certificates

If you’re buying or selling a property and you suspect work may have been done without appropriate Council or private certifier approvals, you can apply for a Building Information Certificate (BIC).

A BIC may apply for a part or all of a building. It ensures the part of the building covered by the certificate won’t be subject to regulatory action by Council for seven years.

This is detailed in the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and the Local Government Act 1993.

BICs do not prevent Council from making a development control order, such as a fire safety order or building product rectification order, as per the Building Products (Safety) Act 2017.

Apply for a BIC using the NSW Government Planning portal.

Who can apply for a BIC?

  • The owner(s) of the land on which a building is erected
  • Anyone with the consent of the landowner
  • A purchaser (or their legal practitioner or agent) with a contract for the sale of the property
  • Public authorities who have notified the landowner of their intention to apply for the certificate

Application requirements

BIC owner's consent form

  • All owners must sign the Building information certificate owner’s consent form - PDF - 380 KB.
  • If the owner is a company or owners’ corporation, the application must be signed by an authorised person under the common seal.
  • If the property is a strata unit, and you are proposing a development beyond your unit entitlement, you will need the approval of the owners’ corporation.

Identification survey plan

  • An identification (ID) survey plan of the site must be prepared by a registered surveyor. An ID survey identifies and locates the structures and improvements on a parcel of land, and indicates their distances from the boundaries.

BIC checklist

  • The BIC application checklist must be completed by the BIC applicant and then uploaded to the Planning Portal as part of the application process. A copy of the checklist can be downloaded here - PDF - 178 KB.
  • If the application involves unauthorised works subject to a Council enforcement action, please contact an e-planning officer for assistance regarding the relevant checklist requirements. Additional information may be required for unauthorised works.


Fees for BICs are set by the Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulation Act 2000.

Floor area details must be provided in your application as this affects the calculation of the fee. All relevant building quotes should also accompany your application.

Unauthorised work may incur additional fees. These are applied according to the above Act and are equal to the amount normally payable for a Development Application or a Construction Certificate for the works.

Contact us for help with this calculation.

Pool safety barriers

BICs do not include pool safety barriers.  These are covered by the Swimming Pools Act 1992 and require a Pool Certificate of Compliance.