• After you have received Development Consent you can apply for a Construction Certificate through the NSW Planning Portal.
  • A Construction Certificate can be issued by a Council certifier or registered private certifier.
  • You cannot commence any building works until a Construction Certificate is issued.
  • A Construction Certificate confirms that the plans and specifications align with consent and comply with the Building Code of Australia.
  • Payment of a Bond, Long Service Levy and Developer Contribution may apply.

A bond is a refundable fee to cover damage to any Council assets or the environment as a result of the development work.

Different developments attract different payments. The amount of the bond will be specified in your development consent.

You can apply for a refund of the bond or bank guarantee when the development is complete, the conditions of consent have been met, and no damage has not been done.

A long service levy applies to projects costing $250,000 or more. The levy can be paid to Council or to the Long Service Levy Corporation.

Your determination may include a developer contribution, requiring a payment to enhance public facilities.

These are levied in accordance with our Developer Contribution Plans.

Assistance using the Planning Portal

If you require assistance using the Planning Portal, and you were unable to find the answer within the Help and Support section, contact ServiceNSW for assistance.

P 1300 305 695