The impact of proposed developments on neighbours and the wider community is considered when assessing a development application, especially if the proposal is of a larger scale or potentially impacts the environment.

Who is notified, why and how is detailed in appendix A of our engagement strategy, Community engagement in planning functions.

We want to hear how a proposed development might directly impact you.

Issues such as parking, stormwater, building size, overshadowing, tree management are already investigated by council specialists before neighbours are notified or a proposal goes on public exhibition, so the most helpful input is your insights about your immediate situation.

Depending on the development we will contact neighbours or publicly invite comment.

Your submission needs to be uploaded to the DA tracker within the strict notification or exhibition period and any affiliation with, or gifts or donations to, councillors or council staff over the past two years, declared.

The person lodging the development application can access submissions on request. Non-applicants can apply to access this information under freedom of information, known as GIPA.

While all personal information - such as the name and address of the person making the submission - will be redacted, if you are making a submission, please try to avoid including any personal information that might identify you to the wider community in the body of your correspondence.

You can also join the conversation for more opportunities to help shape our community, environment and culture.