When determining a DA, we consider the issues relevant to neighbours and the wider community. How we notify the community depends on the scale of development and the degree of environmental impact.

Community consultation enables our Planning Officers to understand how a proposed development could affect a certain area.

Not all DAs require notification or public exhibition.

Consultation procedures are detailed in the Sutherland Shire Development Control Plan 2015 Chapter 42: Administrative Provisions. - PDF - 993 KB

Council’s Planning Officers, along with our internal engineers, arborists, environmental scientists and other specialists, will have already undertaken a detailed assessment of the proposal.

We will have already considered issues such as parking, stormwater, building size, overlooking and overshadowing.

Therefore, submissions should be limited to matters considered important to you and your community.

You can view the details of a development application and make your submission through DA Tracker by entering the relevant application number.

Online submissions can be made during the neighbour notification period.

Council is committed to complete integrity in the development application process. Anyone making a submission is required to declare any and all affiliations or associations - PDF - 828 KB they have had with Councillors or Council staff over the past two years.

Submissions are published after the notification period has ended. Your contact details, photographs, images and diagrams are not published. You should not include your personal information in the body of your submission.