You will need to:

  • apply to modify your development consent if anything in your approved development application changes
  • submit a new DA if your proposed changes are substantially different from your approved development application.

Complete this form to apply for a modification of consent and upload it to your NSW planning portal account.

Council fees and NSW planning portal fees apply. You can also request a quote for your modification of consent application.

Contact an ePlanner for more information.

There are four types of consent modifications under division 4.9 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act:

  • modifications involving minor errors, incorrect descriptions or miscalculations; 4.55 (1)
  • modifications that have a minimal environmental impact that need to be addressed by brief statement in your application; 4.55 (1A)
  • all other modifications with potential environmental impacts noting such applications are neighbour notified; 4.55 (2)
  • used when original approval was granted in the NSW Land and Environment Court.