We process development applications using the six stage best practice process - established by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment - regardless of their scale, location and complexity and whether they are residential, commercial or industrial projects.

1 Pre-lodgement

It’s important to get it right, right from the start.

Check the special considerations for building in the shire, put your plans together and get in touch if you need help.

2 Lodgement

Being assessment ready is essential.

Use our checklist and find out how to upload your application.

3 Assessment

Further comprehensive checks - including that your site is suitable, your project meets all regulations and how the surrounding natural and built environment might be impacted - are made in this third stage.

Find out more about what happens after lodgement and how to track your progress.

4 Determination

This is the decision stage and your DA can be approved with conditions, refused or its commencement deferred.

Check out our next steps following lodgement.

5 Construction certificate

Ensure you tick all the boxes so work can start.

See our post-determination guide.

6 Occupation certificate

Find out what needs to happen before you can use or occupy your development.

There’s more in our after determination guide.

While we aim to give you greater certainty by streamlining DA processing, several factors can impact how long it takes to process a DA, including:

  • the completeness of the application you submit
  • your ability to get back to us if extra information is needed within 14 days
  • involvement of referral agencies, as needed
  • availability of specialist staff.

Not every development needs a development application. See Do I need a DA? for more about complying and exempt developments.

Your guide to the Development Application Process focuses on small housing developments while the Development Assessment Best Practice Guide is designed for councils. Both are from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment.

You can also get in touch with us.