Deed of Agreement

If your development includes the removal of a tree or trees, you are required to replace them at a higher ratio.

You may either comply with this replanting requirement on your site or pay Council to plant replacement trees on public land by entering into a Deed of Agreement - PDF - 1395 KB.

Preferred suppliers for Tree Work in the Public Domain

Where Council has provided approval via development consent for a tree on the road reserve to be pruned/removed, the applicant needs to contact both or either of the organisations listed below for a quote and to schedule works to be undertaken.

The following suppliers are the only authorised tree companies able to work on Council trees through the Preferred Supplier Tendering process.  Preferred Suppliers are aware of their obligation to ensure the tree has been approved for removal or pruning.

Services they provide include: tree pruning/removal, stump grinding, root severance, surface root grinding and root barrier installation.

The applicant is responsible for contract management and payment to the Preferred Suppliers. Penalties apply for unauthorised work on Council land.