Talk to us before lodging your application. We're also here to help at other times.

Ensuring your application is assessment ready can help streamline its processing and potentially limit the need for your plans to be changed.

Not sure where to start? Our duty planners can help you with:

Use this form or phone 02 9710 0333 during office hours to request a callback from a duty planner.

Ready to lodge? Get in touch with an ePlanner to double check you are assessment ready.

Use this form or phone 02 9710 0040 during office hours to request a callback from an ePlanner.

Once your DA reaches the third stage of processing it will be assigned to a specialist assessment officer who'll contact you about anything that needs to be done before your application is determined.

You’ll also be able to check your progress via NSW planning portal or the DA tracker.

Our duty planners and ePlanners are qualified and authorised to offer you quality support.

Please note information supplied is not a substitute for professional advice you might need about your application.

You can meet with us to discuss your development before lodgement if your project is larger in scale than a new single storey house or renovation of an existing dwelling.

Check the Pre-application discussion form - PDF - 1177 KB and email it to us to apply for a PAD.

You can apply for a pre-design panel consultation before submitting your development application.

The Design Review Panel is an advisory body that meets regularly to consider the architectural merits of applications for larger developments such as:

  • residential flat buildings as defined under State Environmental Planning Policy 65
  • villa and townhouse developments of six units or more
  • significant industrial, commercial, retail, residential and public buildings.

The panel also works to update and review codes and policies.