Uploaded your application? Here's what happens next...

We’ll send you an invoice based on NSW Department of Planning fees and our own.

You can also ask us for a quote.

Your application can progress to the next steps of processing once these fees are paid.

We'll check if your application meets the criteria for assessment and if it does, initiate actions such as neighbour notifications, coordinating input from referral agencies and site inspections, as needed.

If your application does not meet the criteria for assessment we may:

Most development applications are assessed by council staff based on information uploaded by the applicant to the NSW planning portal.

Independent local planning panels determine DAs when, for example, there are a high number of objections to a proposed development, it is particularly sensitive or has strategic importance to the state.

Council has two planning panels:

The Design Review Panel is an advisory body that considers the architectural merits of larger developments.

Log into your planning portal account or the DA tracker for the latest on how your application is progressing.