Home with solar panelsBuilding, renovating, or furnishing your home can involve different considerations, including understanding sustainable building materials.

You can adapt your home in different ways to make it more sustainable. Solar and battery systems are a great way to reduce your energy costs long term and help transition away from fossil fuel energy. The NSW State Government has put together guides about solar panels and batteries.

You can borrow one of our sustainability kits to understand your home and appliances' energy consumption or consult GreenPower to find the best renewable energy provider for you.

Reducing food waste, eating less meat, or growing your own organic food can reduce the number of pesticides and other chemicals released into the environment while minimising transport-related emissions.

Want to learn more about recycling and waste avoidance? Check out 'Our War on Waste' page for information on our rebates, Waste-wise workshops, waste statistics, and services.

Father and son cyclingWalking and cycling are great ways to get around, explore, improve your health, and reduce your carbon footprint. For recreation or commuting, plan your routes with our Sutherland Shire bicycle network map or have a break and exercise on one of our walking trails.

If walking or cycling is not an option, you can make the switch to an Electric Vehicle (EV). The NSW Government is offering rebates for electric vehicle purchases. To find a public charging point near you, check this charging map.

Don't forget there are a variety of car share services available across Sydney such as GoGet, Uber Carshare, Flexicar, and Popcar if you prefer to use a car on demand.

Utilising public transport can also save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. Plan your trip at Transport NSW.

King parrot (male) on a wooden benchTrees and gardens can help reduce our carbon footprint by providing local produce and cooling our homes as well as beautifying our area. They also support biodiversity by creating habitats and providing food to all kinds of insects, birds, and animals.

If you are a property owner you may be eligible to join our Greenweb program and restore or add to native bushland on your land. You can also create your own B&B for our wildlife.

Installing a rainwater tank or removing lawns and replacing them with native or food-producing gardens can also reduce water consumption and reduce your bills.