A weed can be any plant that impacts on the environment, economy or human health. Weeds compete with native plants, reducing biodiversity, native wildlife habitat and food sources.

We're committed to managing and protecting our beautiful bushland, coastal environments and waterways to minimise the negative impact of weeds. Landholders also have an obligation to manage weeds on their properties.

Weeds and legislation

Under the Biosecurity Act 2015, all plants are assessed for any adverse effect the introduction, presence or spread of a plant will have - or potentially have - on the economy, the environment or the community. The legislation states that anyone (landowner, land manager, resident or general public) has a ‘General Biosecurity Duty’ to prevent, eliminate or minimise the risk posed by priority weeds. A list of priority weeds can be found at NSW WeedWise.

Weed management in Sutherland Shire

Council is legally obligated and responsible for enforcing weed legislation in Sutherland Shire. We do this by:

  • conducting weed inspections on public and private properties
  • inspecting and controlling weeds in high-risk pathways, including transport corridors and waterways, and on sites such as waste facilities, development sites, florists, nurseries and aquariums
  • providing weed management education, training and resources for staff and the public
  • responding to breaches of the Act.

In accordance with the requirements of the Pesticides Regulation 2009The Pesticides Use Notification plan has been prepared. The aim of the Plan is to inform the community about the application of pesticides in outdoor public places that are owned or controlled by public authorities.

What you can do to manage weeds?

Tips to assist with weed management and to prevent spread.

  • Don't throw garden waste into bushland or natural environments.
  • Don't throw aquatic plants from aquariums, ponds or water features into waterways, drains or wetlands.
  • Ask for advice about weed identification, control and management.
  • Plant species native to your local area.
  • Join Bushcare, a Council-supported program where volunteers assist in bush regeneration.
  • Support Greenweb, a Council-supported program to create conservation and wildlife corridors on the land of interested residents.

Report a mowing or weeds issue

Weed Control 1st July 2024 - 30th September 2024

Notice of herbicide use for broadleaf weed control within the Sutherland Shire Local Government Areas Parks and sport grounds.

Sutherland Shire Council will be conducting a program to control weeds located in selected parks, reserves and sport grounds within the Sutherland Shire. The program will specifically target broadleaf weeds on Council managed assets.

The program will be conducted in accordance with the NSW Pesticides Regulation 1995 and Sutherland Shire Council’s Pesticide Use Notification Plan, whereby, Council intends to use an Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority approved herbicide "Broad Leaf Weeder", "Barricade", "Casper", "Monument", "Tribute", "Primo", "Destiny", "Tempo", Spearhead" and "Lexicon".

Spraying application of the herbicide will be undertaken via a minimum one-off service, with the service commencing 1st July 2024 and completed by 30th September 2024. Weed spraying will be performed in target areas across Sutherland Shire Council’s Local Government Authority and due to the nature and locations of the weeds; it is planned that the vast majority of the herbicide application program will be conducted in the late evenings/early mornings.

Targeted spaces include the following sports grounds:

  • Casuarina Road Oval
  • Casuarina Netball Courts
  • Coachwood Reserve

  • Australia Road Reserve
  • Barden Ridge Complex (The Ridge)
  • Buckle Reserve
  • Barden Ridge Oval

  • Lakewood City Ovals
  • Tom Evans Fields

Bundeena Oval

  • Dianella Street Ovals
  • North Caringbah
  • Caringbah War Memorial
  • Sunnyside Reserve
  • Castleneau Street Reserve

John Dywer Oval

  • Tonkin Oval
  • Cronulla Park
  • Dunnigham Reserve
  • Don Lucas Reserve
  • The Esplanade - South of Cronulla to Shark Point
  • The Esplanade - Shark Point South to Shelly Park
  • The Esplanade - South of Shelly Park to The Point
  • The Esplanade - The Point South to Oak Park
  • The Esplanade - South of Oak Park
  • Monro Park
  • Mitchell Rd and Murdock Street
  • Oak Park
  • Shelly Park

  • Como Pleasure Grounds
  • Scylla Bay - all fields

  • Anzac Oval Playing Fields and Reserve
  • Kingswood Oval
  • Preston Park
  • Dobel Reserve
  • Cooper Street Reserve
  • Engadine Town Park
  • Lantana Reserve
  • Ferntree Reserve

  • Grays Point Ovals
  • Grays Point Community Centre
  • Swallow Rock Reserve

Greenhills Ovals

  • Gymea Bay Ovals
  • Corea Street Oval
  • Hazelhurst Arts Centre
  • Old School Park
  • Gymea Community Centre

  • Heathcote Ovals
  • Veno Street Reserve
  • Centenary Park

  • Blaxland Oval
  • Coachwood Reserve
  • Illawong Public School
  • Heritage Oval

  • Jannali Ovals
  • Carol Oval
  • Soldiers Road Oval

Kareela Ovals

  • Kirrawee Oval
  • Yumba Yumba Park
  • Biddy Giles

  • Marton Park
  • Bonna Point Reserve
  • Prince Charles Parade

Lilli Pilli Oval

  • Orchid Street
  • Loftus Oval

  • Billa Road Oval
  • Akuna Oval
  • Menai Community Centre
  • Parc Menai
  • Buckle Reserve - all playing fields

  • Seymour Shaw Ovals
  • Miranda Community Centre
  • Sutherland Shire Centenary Park
  • Garnet Road Ovals

  • Oyster Bay Ovals
  • Oyster Bay Netball Courts

  • Waratah Ovals - all fields
  • Sutherland Oval
  • Forby Reserve & Memorial Garden
  • Peace Park
  • Sutherland Between Eton St and Old Princes Highway
  • Albert Hutchins Reserve "Robertson Street"

  • Box Road Ovals
  • Canberra Road Oval
  • The Flat Reserve
  • Sylvania Oval - Field 3
  • Webber Street Reserve

  • Forshaw Rugby Park
  • Sylvania Waters Baseball Field
  • Sylvania Waters Oval #2

  • Gwawley Oval - North and South
  • Apsley Oval

  • Captain Cook League Oval
  • Jenola Hockey Fields
  • Solander Playing Fields
  • Woolooware High Oval
  • Woolwooware Oval

  • Burnum Burnum Reserve
  • Prince Edward Park

Woronora Heights Ovals

  • Yarrawarrah Oval
  • Old Bush Road