Sutherland Shire’s Green Streets Program aims to replace tree canopies removed from private properties and the public domain.

Trees are vital for people and our suburbs. They contribute to the resilience and sustainability of neighbourhoods. New trees planted in our streets and parks help the community connect to nature. Trees in Sutherland Shire also host 75 per cent of our terrestrial biodiversity.

This next generation of trees produced by the Green Streets Program will provide residents with shaded access to open spaces for years to come.

How does the Green Streets Program work?

Our goal is to plant trees that will grow into healthy, mature specimens.

We consult geological maps to ensure the soil is suitable. Tree positioning and size is based on site constraints, including above- and below-ground utilities and services, sightlines and clearance requirements.

Council’s tree master plan aims to reflect our unique bushland. We use a range of indigenous trees to deliver a diversity of species, size and lifespan.  This provides resilience against changes in climate, insect attacks and wood pathogens.

Planting occurs in the cooler months to ensure new trees become well-established and do not suffer from heat stress.

We actively water and weed around new trees for two years before removing the stakes and protective cages.

Since 2013, the Green Streets Program has planted nearly 14,000 trees  on road reserves and public places.

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Find Green Streets Program locations

Green Street Community Consultation

If you’ve received a letter about a street tree planting project, you can find your location on this map. During the project consultation period, the proposed planting locations and details are highlighted in green.

You can also submit an enquiry so we can contact you about species and location.

Trees planted through the program since 2015 are highlighted on this map in pink. Species names are also featured.

Street tree planting request

Sutherland Shire Council has a tree planting team dedicated to planting and maintaining trees in the road reserve in front of resident's properties upon request.

  • Tree planting occurs in the cooler months of the year to ensure the trees become established and do not suffer from heat stress
  • You can help your street tree thrive by watering it frequently in hot weather - and occasionally in winter - while it is young.

If you have a spot on your nature strip where you’d like a native street tree planted, please contact us to nominate your preferred site. Council will then decide if it is suitable.

Request stock for private property

If you would you like a tree to plant in your own yard, use this form to nominate the address and your preferred species.