What constitutes water pollution?

Water pollution includes waste water, oil, litter, debris, detergent, sewage and paint.

It is an offence to pollute waterways and penalties apply.

Placing these where they could be blown or fall into a natural waterway, creek, gutter or stormwater drain is also considered pollution.

To help prevent water pollution:

  • Sweep up leaves and grass clippings and use them for mulch or put them in your green waste bin
  • Cover piles of soil, sand or mulch to stop them from washing into drains
  • Put your dog's droppings in the bin
  • Wash your car on the grass
  • Bin your cigarette butts
  • Dispose of chemicals using our Household Chemical Cleanup Service
  • Dispose of larger household waste using Council’s pre-booked clean up
  • Don’t overfill your bin

Report a water pollution issue

Dewatering construction sites (controlling water erosion and runoff)

Understand Council’s erosion control requirements before you dewater a construction site.