People in the community

Schools and community organisations are local leaders in sustainability education and climate action. Learn how they are making a difference today.

Kids studying-vectorSchools are vital in educating our community about sustainability and climate change, and schools themselves present opportunities for climate change solutions.

Council is a participating partner in the Solar My School program and is supporting two schools on their solar energy journey. This initiative supports local energy generation and reduces emissions for the community, as well as delivering savings for schools and learning opportunities for students.

If your school is unsure what sustainability projects to implement Getting Started with Sustainability in Schools is a great resource for teachers and students alike.  If your school is already on the sustainability path, consider joining Speaking 4 the Planet (S4P), an arts-based competition that encourages school students to get creative and engage with environmental and sustainability issues.

Community caring for the environmentThere are a variety of sustainability-minded community organisations active in our area.

The Reconnect Project promotes a circular economy in NSW, refurbishing used electronic devices and providing them to people in need, helping to divert e-waste from landfill. The Wheel is Sutherland’s Library of things currently located in Miranda. Members can reduce consumption and save money and space by borrowing instead of buying.

Check the below grant programs to see if your school or community organisation is eligible,

Learn about Sustainability during Youth Week from 20th to 30th of April 2023