Red-eared slider turtles

Red-eared slider turtles (REST) are originally from the United States and northeastern Mexico but have spread across the world. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature considers them one of the world’s most harmful invasive species. REST outcompete native turtles and freshwater animals for food and habitat. They also carry the salmonella bacterium, which can be transferred to humans.

REST have established many populations across Sydney. Our staff have found and removed two REST, from Oyster Gully Creek in Oyster Bay and Kareena Creek near the Camellia Gardens in Caringbah. To protect our native species, we must prevent REST from becoming established.

Red eared slider turtle

What to do if you see a red-eared slider turtle or know of someone who keeps one as a pet

It is illegal to own this species under the Biosecurity Act 2015. If you see a REST or know of one being kept as a pet, please report it to the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) or to Council on 02 9710 0333.