Indian myna birds

The Indian myna (Acridotheres tristis) is an introduced pest that significantly decreases native bird populations by aggressively outcompeting them for food and habitat.

Council has a management program to control the myna bird population.

Indian myna bird

Indian myna control program

Indian mynas are well established in Sutherland Shire. Council offers an Indian Myna Trap Loan Program for residents. Contact our Pest Species Officers on 02 9710 0333.

What can residents do?

  • prevent access to food waste, compost, uneaten pet food
  • feed pets inside
  • remove bird feeders
  • create a native bird-friendly garden by planting native plants, removing weeds and providing a bird bath
  • turn outside lights off at night to prevent attracting insects
  • repair eaves and gaps in your roof to prevent nesting
  • report any illegal or inhumane treatment of animals to police.