Asbestos is a building material that was commonly used in Australia until it was banned in 2003. Asbestos is extremely dangerous and there are strict safety protocols governing its removal and disposal.

Visit the Asbestos in NSW website to learn more and get tips on how to protect yourself.

Who can remove asbestos material?

For the purpose of removal and disposal, asbestos is considered to be either bonded or friable (crumbly).

You can remove less than 10 square metres of bonded asbestos without a license. You must follow SafeWork NSW guidelines when removing and disposing of asbestos.

The removal of any friable asbestos material (or more than 10 square metres of non-friable asbestos) material, must be carried out by an appropriately licensed asbestos removalist.

If you engage another person or business to do this, you must ensure they are appropriately licensed.

Advice when renovating.

How to dispose of asbestos

Asbestos waste must be disposed of at a designated landfill facility.

Some facilities may require 24-hours notice.

Report asbestos issue

How to report an asbestos issue

SafeWork NSW deals with the safe handling of asbestos on work sites.

To report unsafe practices, call 13 10 50.

For advice and guidance, call 1800 asbestos (1800 272 378).