Cane toads

The cane toad (Rhinella marina) is considered one of the worst invasive pests in Australia and is listed as a key threat under the New South Wales Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016. Cane toads pose a danger to native wildlife as they outcompete native animals for food and habitat. They are also poisonous to animals who try to eat them. We must be vigilant to keep Sutherland Shire free of these pests.

Cane toad

Cane toad control program

Two cane toads were reported by residents and captured by Council in Caringbah in 2021. They are believed to have arrived by hitching a ride on a vehicle or with garden supplies from northern New South Wales or Queensland.

We continually monitor priority areas for cane toad activity, using surveys and eDNA water monitoring to see if cane toad DNA is present in the area.

What can residents do?

  • If you see a cane toad, do not kill it. If you are able to catch it, put it in a box with a small amount of water and plenty of air holes and contact Council. You should wear protective gloves and eyewear, If you are uncomfortable catching the toad, take a photo and contact Council immediately.
  • If you are driving in, or purchasing materials from northern NSW or Queensland, keep a look out for cane toads. They are commonly found hiding in landscaping and garden supplies.