Foxes are an introduced species and Council has a control program to manage their impact on our environment and residential areas.

The European red fox (Vulpes Vulpes) is an introduced pest, known to inhabit natural and urban areas throughout Sutherland Shire. They are a major threat to native wildlife and have contributed significantly to the decline and extinction of many native species in Australia.

Fox with bird

Fox control program

Council employs an extensive fox control program, including:

  • trapping, den fumigation, detection dogs and habitat modification, as well as firearm and baiting control operations where appropriate
  • the production of educational material.

Pest animal management is difficult in urban areas but we employ all available methods where we can.

What can residents do?

Foxes are very difficult to trap and baiting is not acceptable in urban areas as they are a danger to domestic dogs.

You can help manage the problem by:

  • not leaving pet food out overnight
  • keeping chickens in fox-proof enclosures at night. Residents are responsible for keeping chickens safe from predators. For more information on how to fox-proof your chicken coop, attend a Keeping Chooks Workshop < >
  • never feeding foxes
  • keeping all bins covered
  • not feeding native wildlife, as this makes them more vulnerable to predators
  • blocking entry points to drains and under buildings with mesh or wire
  • turning off outside lighting at night so as not to attract insects
  • reporting any illegal shooting or inhumane treatment to police.

How to report fox activity

Please report the locations of fox dens to Council.

We do not require general sightings to be reported. Fox sightings and attacks on domestic chickens or pets should be reported to Fox Scan.