Bushcare Volunteers

Council's bushcare program has more than 700 volunteers participating and involved in caring for over 120 bushland reserves around the Shire. 

With around 3,000 hectares of natural areas in the Shire, community involvement is essential to help restore and preserve natural areas. 

We value our volunteers.  By volunteering to particpate in bushcare you:

  • Gain valuable experience by being actively involved and learning new skills to manage our bushland.
  • Learn about local environmental issues and how to minimise impact.
  • Keep your mind and body active.
  • Get a hands on educational experience.
  • Meet new people!

Volunteer responsibilities

Volunteers work under the direction of our council staff using recognised bush regeneration techniques and help with:

  • Protection of indigenous flora, fauna and remnant vegetation.
  • Rehabilitation of natural areas for future generations.
  • Active community involvement to manage bushland areas.

Locations and work days 

View bushcare locations 

Details can also be found in the quarterly Bushcare Bulletin.

Induction and training

To safeguard both the individual and council, it is necessary for all new volunteers to be formally registered with council and appropriately trained.  This includes compulsory induction.

Council appreciates every application it receives however it will at times have to decline the services of a volunteer if skills do not match the required task.

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More information

Policies and documents

Policies and Documents


Bushcare Volunteer Application


Enquiries can be directed to Buschare Unit on 9524 5672 or bushcare@ssc.nsw.gov.au

Become a bushcare volunteer


Bushcare Events

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