Council’s role

Liquor & Gaming NSW issues all liquor licences in NSW. Council provides feedback on liquor licence applications and Community Impact Statements in submission period (14-30 days) to Liquor & Gaming NSW.

Once the application is determined Liquor & Gaming NSW will email you and advise of the outcome. The decision will also appear on the Liquor and Gaming Application Noticeboard and the Decisions.

Liquor Licence

We will provide feedback on the application to Liquor & Gaming NSW. Our assessment will be based on:

  • the need for development consent
  • trading hours
  • noise
  • traffic and site access
  • amenities
  • the potential for anti-social behaviour and crime.

After we complete our assessment, we will inform Liquor & Gaming NSW if we are supporting the application, rejecting the application or suggesting conditions for the licence.

Community Impact Statement (CIS)

Some applications require the preparation of a CIS. We will assess the impacts of the proposed liquor licence and provide feedback to the applicant.