Water-Cooling and Warm Water systems

Water-cooling and warm water systems are regulated and must be registered with us and regularly inspected to ensure compliance with regulations.

The Public Health Act 2010 and Public Health Regulation 2012 specify how regulated systems should be installed, operated and maintained to prevent Legionnaires’ disease.


  • A water-cooling system is a cooling tower with associated equipment and pipe work. They are most commonly used to deliver cool air (air conditioning) into a building.
  • A warm water system is designed to heat and deliver water at a temperature below 60C.

When do I have to notify Council?

Building owners and managers must notify Council if they intend to:

  • Occupy premises that has a water-cooling system or warm water system
  • Install a water-cooling system or warm water system

Your responsibilities

Building occupiers are responsible for these six key areas, as listed in the Public Health Amendment (Legionella Control) Regulation 2018.

  • Complete a Risk Management Plan (RMP) every five years, or more frequently if required
  • Ensure you have your RMP audited every year
  • Provide certificates of RMP audit completion to Council every year
  • Sample and test for Legionella and conduct a heterotrophic colony count every month
  • Notify reportable laboratory test results to Council within 24-hours of receipt

Reportable results:

  • Legionella count >1000cfu/mL
  • Heterotrophic colony count >5,000,000 cfu/mL
  • Display unique identification numbers on all cooling towers.

Standard forms must be used for all these reports.


Council inspects all businesses to ensure they are complying with the above regulations.

A fee is charged for this service.

Registering  your system

To register a water-cooling or warm water system, contact our Environmental Health Unit on 02 9710 0333.