VendorPanel is a tendering portal used to manage and simplify the tender process for us and our suppliers.

It presents requests for tenders (RFT), requests for quotations (RFQ) and expressions of interest (EOI).

Once registered, suppliers can access documentation, ask questions and submit applications online.

Please ensure you submit your tender using the method specified and by the closing date.

The following table presents a summary of all open tenders. Follow the Vendor Panel link to access full details of the tender and to download all tender documents.

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After submissions have been received, applicants cannot request alterations to the contract or their submission. Alternatives or variations to the terms of the tender must be submitted in full as part of your tender submission.

Canvassing of Council officers is not allowed. Any attempt to influence the evaluation panel or to obtain additional information during this period may result in disqualification.

200799 Courier & Mail Services for Council Libraries and Administration

Tender Open Date:  17 July 2024

Tender Close Date:  8 August 2024

Request for Information | Nappy Laundry Services for Sutherland Shire Council Childcare Centres

Tender Open Date:  17 July 2024

Tender Close Date:  26 July 2024

200809 Certifications, Maintenance and New Installations of Height Safety Systems

Tender Open Date:  10 July 2024

Tender Close Date:  1 August 2024

200714 Construction Upgrade to Seymour Shaw Park Stage 2: Sport Fields & Building

Tender Open Date:  1 July 2024

Tender Close Date:  5 August 2024

200711 Leisure Managment Software Upgrade at Council Leisure Centres

Tender Open Date: 13 June 2024

Tender Close Date:  Extended to 25 July 2024