Busking guidelines

Busking includes performing in public for voluntary donations. Buskers should be aware they cannot ask members of the public for money or approach members of the public to sell goods or services. Buskers must comply with any lawful direction given by police or Council's Public Safety Officers.

Where and when can I busk?

Busking is allowed in these suburbs:

* in Cronulla Mall, the Cronulla Plaza pedestrian mall (between the Kingsway at the northern end of the Plaza to the southern entrance off Croydon Street near the train station).

What activities are not permitted?

Balloon sculptors, tarot card readers, palm readers, fortune readers, aerosol artists, face painters and masseurs are not considered buskers.

Buskers must not:

  • obstruct or hinder pedestrians or vehicles
  • perform within four metres of open premises or businesses
  • mark, draw or affix anything to footways or paved areas
  • use loudspeakers or any sound amplification
  • use fire, swords, spears, knives, bicycles or any dangerous equipment
  • cause inconvenience, nuisance or annoyance
  • create unreasonable noise
  • beg
  • perform near a place of worship. Buskers must be respectful and not disturb funeral services or other solemn occasions
  • create a threat to public safety
  • wear or display promotional or advertising material for any product or service.

Working with children

If a busking activity is intended for children, you must have a current Working with Children Check.


We recommend buskers hold public liability insurance cover for no less than $2 million.

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