Car park reserve


Let us know if you need parking. Identify and advise:

  • production vehicles type and registration
  • location plan
  • street location
  • number of spaces
  • any other relevant details as specified in your application.

Sutherland Shire has a number of car parks that cast and crew could use. Please visit Council Car Parks page or Contact us for more information on suitable options.

Parking conditions

Under no circumstances are vehicles to drive across - or park on - reserves, parks or playing fields, unless prior permission has been granted by Council. Changes to parking restrictions and parking permits are subject to internal approvals and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

If your parking is approved, you must:

  • park only in approved parking permit areas
  • ensure the location and parking of production vehicles meet Council and police requirements
  • ensure production vehicles do not arrive earlier than allowed by the permit
  • ensure a parking permit is clearly displayed on each vehicle
  • do not move or tow any private vehicle from the filming site
  • do not impede normal access for motorists and pedestrians, unless approved prior.


All vehicles entering the filming site must be escorted on-site at a walking pace with hazard lights flashing.

Road and car park closures

If your filming requires the use, closure or partial closure of a public road or car park - or requires traffic control - you must submit a Road Closure Application - PDF - 128 KB form and pay the applicable fee. The application will be considered by Council’s Traffic Committee, comprising the RMS, Sutherland police and Council staff.

For major filming, road closure forms should be submitted no later than four months prior to filming.

Transport for NSW approval and a Traffic Management Plan is required for events held on state roads. You should employ the services - and pay all costs - of a traffic management company to develop this plan. We can provide a list of suppliers upon request.

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