To put a textile recycling bin on Council land, commercial operators and not-for-profit organisations need to follow these steps.

To begin, complete a Textile recycling bin license application form with the following information:

  • A plan showing the dimension and location of the bin/s (maximum 2 bins per location)
  • A copy of your current public liability insurance certificate for a minimum cover of $10 million.

Your application will be assessed within 28 days. This is due to multiple teams at Council needing to review your application.


Eligible textile recycling bins can:

  • only be placed in Council-owned car parks
  • must not reduce high-demand spaces
  • must not obstruct any access way or parking place.

Textile recycling bins are not allowed in:

  • parks and reserves
  • public footpaths and roadways.

Apply for Textile Recycling bin license


Eligible textile recycling bin operators must pay a license fee to use Council land. You will receive an invoice yearly when your license is renewed.

We charge a fee for commercial operators and a reduced fee for not-for-profit or charity organisations. Visit our Fees and Charges webpage for fees.


Read our Licensed Clothing Appeal Collection Bins on Council Land Policy - PDF - 209 KB.