How do I apply?

Complete the Trade Parking Permit application form.

Please note:

  • Enter your vehicle registration with no spaces
  • Bookings are for a maximum of five consecutive working days
  • Allow two business days for processing.
  • Fees

    Permits cost $29 per day for one six-metre space. If a vehicle has a trailer, two spaces will be charged.

Apply for trade parking permit

  1. Permit holders are exempt from time limited parking restrictions, such as 1P, 2P and 4P.
  2. Permits do not allowparking in 5-minute, 10-minute and ¼ P spaces.
  3. Permits do not allow parking in a No Stopping, Bus Zone, No Parking, Loading Zone, Mail Zone, Disabled Parking Zone or in Clearways.
  4. Permits are only valid when displayed in a trade vehicle with the nominated registration, date(s) and location for which it has been issued.
  5. The permit is non-transferable and must be displayed on the bottom left-hand side of the front windscreen.
  6. The permit does not guarantee a parking space.
  7. Details of exact parking location and the vehicle registration number are required.
  8. Any variation or extension of time is subject to a new application and fee.
  9. This permit is not valid on any RMS-classified or State Roads.
  10. Permits are available on application for a nominated fee per day per 6m space.
  11. Permits are issued for a maximum of five consecutive working days.

Any issues regarding these roads should be reported to Roads and Maritime Services.

  • Princes Highway - Tom Ugly's Bridge to Shire boundary Waterfall
  • Kingsway - Princes Highway Kirrawee to Gerrale St Cronulla
  • Captain Cook Drive - Taren Point Road to Gannons Road
  • Taren Point Road - Capt Cook Bridge to Kingsway
  • Alfords Point Road - Alfords Point Bridge to Menai Road
  • Old Illawarra Road - Menai Rd to New Illawarra Rd
  • New Illawarra Rd - Old Illawarra Road to Heathcote Road
  • Heathcote Road Princes Highway to Shire boundary Sandy Point
  • Bangor Bypass - Woronora high level bridge to Old Illawarra Road
  • Menai Road - Woronora low level bridge to Bangor Bypass
  • River Road - Linden St to low level bridge Woronora
  • Linden Street - Grand Parade to River Road
  • Grande Parade - Princes Highway to Linden Street