Tenders valued over $250,000 (including GST)

We are required to publicly tender for the purchase of goods, services and works that are estimated to be valued at $250,000 (including GST) or higher.

Council publicly tenders on VendorPanel for the purchase of goods, services and works where the estimated expenditure will exceed $250,000 (including GST).

Businesses can register to access tenders, quotes and expressions of interest, as well as download the documentation and submit an application to us.

Register with VendorPanel

Quotation requests valued under $250,000

To purchase goods, works and services valued between $10,000 and $250,000 (including GST), we use the following thresholds:

  • Under $100,000 – we require a minimum of one to three written quotes based on internal thresholds.
  • Between $100,001 and $249,999 – we require a minimum of three written quotes (in some cases, we may wish to advertise either privately or publicly via VendorPanel).

Many quotations for contracts of less than $250,000 will be issued to contractors on available Panels or Schemes including those managed by:

Contractors are encouraged to apply with these Panels to be kept up-to-date on opportunities.

How to submit a tender or expression of interest (EOI)

We advertise all open tenders and expressions of interest (EOI) in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government (General) Regulation 2021. Advertisements are generally published on:

Register your details to receive access to the tender documents from VendorPanel.

Some tenders may provide further instruction for purchase of plans, design details, Australian Standards etc.

Ensure you are eligible to apply by reviewing:

  • the request for tender, quotation or EOI document
  • conditions of tendering requirements
  • terms and conditions of contract
  • all specifications and statement of requirements, and
  • selection criteria.

Confirm that you can provide the product or service in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

All submissions must quote the applicant's Australian Business Number (ABN) and the applicant must be registered for Good and Services Tax (GST).

Submissions that fail to meet the terms and conditions of the tender or are unable to offer the goods and services specified will be marked as a non-conforming tender and be rejected.

Ensure that you understand all the terms and conditions of the specific tender, quotation or expression of interest.

Questions about the terms and conditions of the tender can be raised with the contact person nominated in the advertisement and/or have the tender reviewed by your legal representative.

Applications should:

  • address all the criteria
  • supply all information including schedules, annexures and attachments (from the request for tender) and
  • conform to the conditions of tender.

The period for tender submissions is generally a minimum of 21 calendar days following publication. This period may be extended at our discretion.

During the tender period, all communications must occur via VendorPanel to ensure all applicants obtain the same information such as:

  • questions raised by applicants and Council’s responses
  • information provided at any mandatory site briefings or pre-tender inspections, and
  • any amendments, addendums and additional information released by us.

Submissions may be:

  • lodged on the VendorPanel portal (preferred option)
  • delivered by hand to the tender box at our Administration Centre, or
  • sent through the mail via a post office facility or other recognised delivery agency.

Submissions close on the date and time quoted on the advertisement.  Late submissions will not be accepted.

Members of the public who attend the opening of tenders and expressions of interest shall be entitled to the same information as that which members of the public are entitled under Section 175 of the legislation.

A listing of applicants will be displayed on our Tenders under review webpage.

Submissions are reviewed by an Evaluation Panel based on the criteria identified in the tender, quotation or EOI documentation.

Responses to each criteria are scored using the predetermined methodology to ensure fairness, equity and identify the applicant who will deliver the most desirable outcome.

The Evaluation Panel may request a post-tender interview to seek further details that demonstrate the tenderers capacity to carry out the required goods, services or works.

After completing the evaluation process, the Evaluation Panel presents a report to us with a recommendation for the preferred tenderer. Members of the public can view this report in the Council Minutes that contains the names of the tenderers, their price submitted and information that has informed the panel’s recommendation.

We must publish details of contracted goods, services or works valued at $150,000 (including GST) or over. Refer to our Contracts Register.