43 Darook Park Rd, Cronulla


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Darook Park has a sandy bay beach and is great for families seeking a sheltered swim away from ocean waves. Darook Park has a pretty backdrop of bush and a wide view of Gunnamatta Bay and is one of the most popular parks for wedding ceremonies and photography.  Dogs are not permitted on the beach.


Care should be taken to avoid treading on stingrays in shallow water.  Shuffle your feet as you enter the water to scare them away.


Fuel-fired portable barbecues that use coal, wood and heat beads are not allowed in Darook Park. You are welcome to bring a portable gas barbecue.

Park events, picnics and ceremonies

Find out about holding a small event or a major event at Darook Park.  Darook Park has two areas: North and South. When making booking enquiries please specify which area you are interested in.

Map showing North and South Darook Park - PDF - 1317 KB.

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