33 Cassandra Crescent, Heathcote


  • Disabled access
  • Parking
  • Playground
  • Scooter / bike path
  • Shade
  • Accessible play

Cassandra Crescent Reserve in East Heathcote is a local community reserve, bordered by bushland.

Visitors to the Reserve can enjoy a morning or afternoon of outdoor fun using the play equipment or in the open area for free play.

The park and playground was upgraded in December 2020 with a focus on all-abilities play.  The play equipment includes a ramp to the upper deck so less mobile children can gain access and join in the play.

The play area has synthetic grass pathways through the middle providing better access for wheelchair users. Pram ramps and new paths at the entry provide all-abilities access around the entire reserve.

The playground equipment includes a large nest swing and rope wall climbing activities, with an extended roof over the play equipment for shade, and a dinky path around the play equipment.

Visitors to the Reserve will enjoy nature play and a grassed open area for free play.  Picnic facilities and seating provide opportunities for a longer stay, with an abundance of nature to enjoy.

This welcoming community playground will suit families and children aged primarily between 0 to 8 years of age

Playground with bark softfall in leafy reserve
Accessible ramp to play equipment
Play equipment with rope ladder
Rope climbing fort
Basket and toddler swings in leafy reserve
Play fort and wavy slide