Holiday Time: Slow Down, Kids Around

Colourful signage are being installed each summer in busy spots along the coastline, roads around regional playgrounds and large parks, as well as busy shopping centres and skate parks to remind drivers to slow down and be vigilant during the holiday period.

The signage not only urges drivers to slow down on our roads, but also aims to encourage adults to hold the hands of any children under their supervision when they are near or crossing our roads.


The Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation was started by Michelle and David McLaughlin, following the death of their four-year-old son Tom in a pedestrian road accident on the Central Coast in 2014.

"We lost our precious son, Tom in the blink of an eye.  We don’t want this to happen to anyone else.  The cost is just too high. That’s why the 'Holiday Time: Slow Down Kids Around' message is so important," Mrs McLaughlin said.

The Sutherland Shire signage campaign was grant funded by the IMB Bank Shire Community Foundation. 

Children's Limitations

The Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation says until children reach the age of 10, they have:
  • Limitation in their cognitive abilities to understand each element of the complex (and constantly changing) road environment.
  • Trouble determining the origin of sound when a car is approaching.
  • They take longer to react to sudden changes in the traffic environment.
  • Generally lack the height to fully assess the scene.
  • They are often absorbed in what the activities they are doing and whilst they might hear a message such as "stop!", it will take their brain additional time to react. This could potentially place them in life threatening danger.
  • Children may falsely believe that a roadway that appears quiet is okay to play on.


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