Air Pollution

Council will investigate:

  • Air pollution from a premises operated by private industry.
  • Domestic and wood coal fires (excessive smoke complaints).
  • Backyard burning.
  • Discharges from solid fuel heating appliances.
  • Industrial premises - (that are not licensed by the EPA).
  • Commercial food businesses. 

We also conduct environmental audits of industrial premises on a regular basis both as an educational tool and to ensure industrial businesses meet environmental standards.  

Report air pollution

Excessive smoke

Excessive smoke is the emission of a visible plume of smoke from a chimney for a continuous period of not less than 10 minutes, including a period of not less than 30 seconds when the plume extends at least 10 metres from the point at which the smoke is emitted from the chimney. 

Wood heaters

Apply to install a wood heater or fire place

  • Incorrect installation, fuel or operating procedures may cause wood heaters to emit excessive smoke, soot and odours that may be carcinogenic, and they can cause a nuisance and health risk to residents in nearby properties.
  • If required council will issue smoke abatement notices for residents who do not make an effort to prevent excessive emissions of wood smoke will be issued.

Ways to reduce smoke emissions

  • Use the correct type of fuel - only clean, dry, well-seasoned and untreated hardwood that has been stored correctly. 
  • Store wood clear of the ground, under a roof with open sides and ends, and seasoned for approximately 6-12 months before use.  
  • Clean the flue annually annually to prevent the build up of carbon.

Backyard burning

Backyard burning and unauthorised incineration is prohibited at all times.  For more information see NSW Environmental Line.

Food odours from commercial premises

  • Commercial food premises can reduce air pollution through the use of odour controls and properly maintained mechanical exhaust systems and by regularly cleaning and maintaining grease filters and odour control equipment. This ensures these systems achieve their designed performance standards.
  • Discharges and odours from food business cooking processes may impact upon nearby development if the mechanical exhaust system isn't properly designed and maintained. The system must be designed in accordance with Australian Standard - AS1668.2 - 2012.


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Install a Wood Heater or Fireplace


Enquiries can be directed to Environmental Health Officers on 9710 0202 or

Air Pollution Install a wood heater or fireplace

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