Mobile Food Vending

Approval for mobile food vending depends upon whether the land is public or private, and if the vendor is part of an approved market or event.

Public roads and areas

Only mobile vending vehicles selling icecream to the public can operate on public roads and public areas in the Shire

Do I need approval?

Yes.  Approvals are renewed on an annual basis and operate from 1 July to 30 June of each financial year.

Apply for mobile food vendor permit


The 2020/ 21 application fee is $175 (van) or $98 (tricycle vending vehicle).  fees are reviewed annually.

Approved events and community markets

Mobile food carts/vans can sell sell food at approved events/community market days and the like being held on public land provided prior approval from the event organiser or operator is obtained.

Different rules apply for mobile food carts/vans selling food on private land.

Major events on public land

The sale of food of any type from a mobile vending vehicle or cart on council reserves, parks, beaches or other public land is not permitted unless it is at a council approved event (eg, club sporting events) or at an event that has council consent (for example at a community market day).  

In both scenarios, prior authorisation from the event organiser/community market operator must first be obtained.  

Private land

The sale of food of any type of food from a mobile vending vehicle or cart on commercial or industrial land is permitted if the vehicle or food cart is parked wholly within the boundaries of the private land, serves for short periods of time and then moves on to another location. Council approval is not required in these circumstances however the prior consent of the owner of the land should be obtained.

Rules and regulations

Vans and the operation vans must comply with:  


Address: ,

More information


Enquiries can be directed to on or

Mobile food vending permit

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