Boat Trailers

As of 1 July 2017 Council will be enforcing Section 15A of the Impounding Act 1993.  This section affects the parking of boat trailers on the road for more than 28 days.  This only relates to boat trailers under 7.5 metres in length.  If your boat trailer is 7.5 metres or longer you are only permitted to park for a maximum time period of 1 hour on the roadway as your vehicle is classified as a long / heavy vehicle under Section 200 of the Road Rules 2014.

 Council has the authority to impound boat trailers (and the boats they carry) if they have been parked on residential streets or other areas for more than 28 days.

In order to balance the needs of boat trailer owners and other resident’s, Council has developed guidelines defining under what circumstances Council would take action to have boat trailers moved or impounded to assist staff in decision making and the use of discretion.

If a boat trailer is causing an obstruction or safety issue to traffic (vehicular or pedestrian) or is likely to be a danger to the public then it may be impounded immediately under section 16 (5) of the Impounding Act 1993.

Council will be reactive and only monitor boat trailers in residential or other built up areas if they have been reported to Council in breach of the law.

What does this mean for boat owners and local residents?

If you cannot park your boat trailer in the immediate vicinity of your property or on private property you will need to move your boat trailer every 28 days at least as far as a different block section of the same street. If this does not happen, the boat trailer (and any boat it carries) may be impounded.

At this stage Council will not be issuing residential parking permits for boat trailers.

Boat Trailer Guidelines

Sutherland Shire Council may apply section 15A of the Impounding Act 1993 to remove unattended boat trailers parked longer that 28 days that are;

  • not being parked in the immediate vicinity of the home of the boat owner or user;
  • having impacts on limited parking in high density areas such as multi-storey unit dwellings;
  • being left unattended in and around waterways or boat ramps;
  • being left in an unsightly state of disrepair or neglect;
  • a heavy or long vehicle.

What is a Boat trailer?

A Boat trailer means a trailer constructed for, or used for, the conveyance of a boat and includes any boat (including any article that is secured to or in such a boat) or other article mounted on such a trailer at the time it is impounded.

What is immediate vicinity?

Immediate vicinity is the area of road or road related area between the property boundaries of the boat trailer owner/users residence only. The trailer must be parked wholly within this area.


Amenity issues; if the Officer considers a boat trailer to have been left in a state of disrepair or neglect then the officer may refuse to offer a concession under this guideline and may determine that the boat trailer must be moved or repaired.

Boat trailer user is not the owner; this guideline acknowledges that the user of a boat trailer may not be the owner of the boat trailer; in these cases the residence of the user will be accepted as a proper place to park the boat trailer.  The owner of the boat trailer may be required to identify who the user of the boat trailer is.


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