Sporting Facility Maintenance

Sporting Facility Maintenance

  1. Bins - Clubs are responsible for placing bins out on designated collection days.Bins should be returned to storage when empty.
  2. Cleaning/Clean ups – The facility and grounds must be cleaned by the users.Council fees & charges apply for extra cleaning and rubbish removal.
  3. Condition of grounds – Clubs are to inspect playing surfaces and facilities prior to each use to ensure facilities/grounds are in a safe condition for use.
  4. Floodlights – Council sets the floodlight timers seasonally as per the allocation schedule.Floodlights are to be switched on and off manually as relying on the timers alone will mean lights will operate on Public Holidays or when training has been cancelled.All users are responsible for payment of the electricity costs associated with allocated use.
  5. Irrigation and Manual watering – Council relies on sport field user groups, volunteers and the community to water non-irrigated basis.Check with Council regarding your site and frequency of watering.
  6. Line Marking – Clubs are responsible for the line marking of fields in preparation for competition and it is essential that the only material used for line marking is a water based nontoxic line marking paint.
  7. Maintenance by club – Any maintenance that a club wishes to carry out must be approved by Council.
  8. Mowing – Weather and allocation permitting, each sports field is generally mowed weekly in summer and fortnightly in winter.Turf is mowed to differing heights in summer/winter to accommodate the differing sporting codes.
  9. Snap Send Solve app is free to download and can be used to report problems such as fallen trees, drainage problems, graffiti, illegal dumping and safety issues
  10. Top Soil and returfing – Council can supply topsoil/turf for repair and minor maintenance (pending Council approval).Please contact Sport Services.

For more detailed information   Sport Services Club Information Guide - Club-Info-Guide.pdf









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