Public Utilities & Council Assets

Works being carried out by Council can be found on our Council Development Projects page. Additionally large private developments can be found on the Non-Council Projects page.

If you have seen works being conducted within the Sutherland Shire other than the works on the above lists they could be Public Utility works being undertaken by AusGrid, Telstra, NBN, RMS, Sydney Water etc.

Council is not always contacted by these utilities when works are taking place. However if works are likely to affect members of the public they should communicate directly with those affected.

While council owns many assets (Roads, Footpaths, Kerb, etc.) within the road reserve, Public Utilities are responsible for the upgrade, repair and maintenance of their own infrastructure even if it is on Council property. If you see damaged utility assets, it is important to report those directly to the responsible Utility Provider.

Below is a list of details for Public Utilities working within the Sutherland Shire LGA.



There are several Telecommunications Utilities working with the LGA. Each of these utilities will identify their assets with markings on the lids of the telecom pits within the nature-strip or footpath. If you would like further information of their planned projects or to report a damaged asset you can contact them below

To make an enquiry of lodge a complaint they can be contacted on 13 22 00 To report damage to Telstra assets, follow this link – Report Damages to Telstra Equipment

To make an enquiry of lodge a complaint they can be contacted on 13 39 37 To report damage to Telstra assets, follow this link – Report Damage or Hazard to Optus Network

To make an enquiry, lodge a complaint or report damage to TPG assets, please call 13 14 23

To make an enquiry of lodge a complaint they can be contacted on 1800 687 626 To report damage to NBN assets, follow this link – Report Damage to Property or NBN Equipment


Water/Sewer are assets operated by Sydney Water with the purpose of delivering mains water to residences and businesses as well as the removal of wastewater from those properties. These are often confused for Stormwater assets owner by Council, which are designed to capture rainwater from the road reserve and carry it away to prevent flooding.

To check if Sydney Water are working in your area please visit their Sydney Water Service Updates page. You can also see Sydney Water Current Projects here.

To report a water leak you can contact them on 13 20 90


Gas assets are exclusively underground and can present a danger to anyone conducting excavation works in the Shire. These assets are not always exclusively within the road reserve, so before conducting any excavation works even on your own property contact Dial Before You Dig (DBYD), it is a Free service to help keep you safe by avoiding potential damage to underground assets.

To make an enquiry or lodge a complaint you can contact Jemena on 1300 137 078 Or visit their Customer Feedback page and fill out the digital form.

To report issues with a Gas Service or to report a leak, call 131 909 You can also submit a request on the Gas Leak Reporter page.


Electrical assets are owned and maintained in the Sutherland Shire by AusGrid. These assets can be in the form of overhead wires, where it is important to "Look Up and Live", but it is becoming more common to see the use of underground power assets. As with Gas assets, it is important when conducting excavation works, even on your own property, to contact Dial Before You Dig (DBYD), it is a Free service to help keep you safe by avoiding potential damage to underground assets.

The trimming of trees around overhead power lines to maintain safe clearances is a common task undertaken by AusGrid within the Shire, for more information on this please visit their Request Tree Trimming page.

To see if there are any scheduled power outages in your area please visit the AusGrid page and enter your postcode.

To report and electrical emergency call 13 13 88

Or visit their Report a Hazard page.


Some of the roads within the Sutherland Shire (e.g. Prices Highway, Kingsway) are maintained by Roads & Maritime Services. The road reserve in these circumstances are shared, with RMS responsible for the condition of the road surface, kerb & channel and drainage assets, while Council still maintains the assets behind the Kerb within the nature-strip. You can find a full list of RMS controlled roads within the Shire below.

To make an enquiry or lodge a complaint they can be contacted on 13 22 13

To report damage to an RMS asset you can visit their Feedback From page and "Report an issue"

For more information on upcoming or current projects you can visit their RMS Current Projects page.

For general traffic information you can call their 24 hour traffic enquiry line on 12 27 01

List of State Roads within the Shire controlled by RMS:

  • Princes Highway - Tom Uglies Bridge to Shire Boundary at WATERFALL
  • Kingsway - Princes Highway KIRRAWEE to Gerrale Street CRONULLA
  • Captain Cook Drive - Taren Point Road to Gannons Road
  • Taren Point Road - Captain Cook Bridge to Kingsway
  • Alfords Point Road - Alfords Point Bridge to Menai Road
  • Old Illawarra Road - Menai Road to New Illawarra Road
  • New Illawarra Road - Old Illawarra Road to Heathcote Road
  • Heathcote Road - Princes Highway to Shire Boundary at SANDY POINT
  • Bangor Bypass - Woronora High Level Bridge to Old Illawarra Road
  • Menai Road - Woronora Low Level Bridge to Bangor Bypass
  • River Road - Linden Street to Woronora Low Level Bridge
  • Linden Street - Grand Parade to River Road
  • The Grand Parade - Princes Highway to Linden Street
  • Sir Bertram Stevens Drive - Princes Highway to Shire Boundary at LILYVALE
  • Mckell Avenue - Princes Highway to Sir Bertram Stevens Drive


If you’re out and about Council is now offering an extra way to report damage to Council assets with the Snap Send Solve app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. You can find more information here or get the app with the links below:


Address: ,

More information



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