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Sutherland Shire Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS)

Following receipt of written support from the Greater Sydney Commission, Council’s Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) was made (finalised) by the CEO of Sutherland Shire Council on 15 September 2020. The LSPS is now in effect and informs the review of Sutherland Shire Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2015. Planning Proposals are required to justify how proposed changes to the LEP will give effect to the LSPS.

To view the offical 'made' Local Strategic Planning Statement, click here.

The Local Strategic Planning Statement:

  • shows how actions in the Sydney South District Plan will be implemented in Sutherland Shire
  • brings together the land use and planning priorities for the local government area and explain how they will be achieved
  • indicates any future directions for planning or studies which may be needed to implement actions, such as for housing, employment or environmental issues
  • incorporates and summarises land use objectives and priorities identified in Council’s Community Strategic Plan
  • loosk at matters on a local government area wide scale, by specific locality, or by themes.


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In March 2018, the State Government introduced new legislation requiring councils to prepare Local Strategic Planning Statements with the purpose to communicate:

  • the 20-year vision for land use in the local area
  • the special characteristics which contribute to local identity
  • shared community values to be maintained and enhanced
  • how growth and change will be managed into the future.
This Planning Statement outlines a clear connection between State and Local Government policies, priorities and responsibilities. Our community is unique, yet we are part of Greater Sydney and our Local Strategic Planning Statement must align with the NSW Government South District and Greater Sydney Region Plans.

The statements will shape how the development controls in the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) evolve over time to meet the community’s needs.

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Enquiries can be directed to Strategic Planning Unit on 02 9710 0800 or

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