Sutherland Shire Local Environment Plan 2015


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Business Zones

Business Zones - LEP 2015

Residential Zones

Residential zones are the areas of the Sutherland Shire where most people live. Zones determine the character and form of the area by setting the land uses that are permissible and the intensity of development. Some residential zones will be primarily low density houses while others may include townhouses or residential flats.

Recreation Zones

Recreation Zones provide protection for the natural environment, land for recreation and controls to ensure development does not detract from the recreational use of land.

Industrial Zones

Industrial zones are used for areas which are suitable for a range of industrial and employment uses, along with complementary uses such as services to meet the day-to-day needs of workers in the area. These zones seek to protect the existing industrial base while providing opportunities for its growth and expansion. The zones also aim to minimise any adverse effects of industry on other land uses. Zone 11 – Employment was the primary zone for employment generating and industrial uses under LEP2006. LEP2015 offers an extended range of industrial and business zones allowing the plan to be tailored to local circumstances. Some land currently within the Employment zone has been allocated a Business zone under the LEP 2015.

Special purpose Zones

LEP2015 introduces 3 new ‘special purpose’ zones for those lands where the primary purpose is the provision of various types of infrastructure or a use not provided for elsewhere. With the exception of the SP3 zone, they replace the previous Zone 12 – Special Uses under LEP2006.

Waterways Zones

Waterways within the Sutherland Shire include Port Hacking, Botany Bay and the Georges and Woronora rivers. The zone applied to the waterways reflects the character of the section of each waterway. Some waterways zones are natural in character, while others may include marinas and port facilities. The zone applied determines what type of development is permissible in the waterway

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