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Work in public places

A public place includes (amongst other things) a public road, nature strip, footway, bridge or public reserve, including a public wharf or boat ramp and crown reserve land.  Many types of works or activity within a public place require an application be made, including driveways.

See some more definitions on works in public places

Constructing a driveway for example, needs one or more applications under the Roads Act or Local Government Act.  Applications are assessed by council and conditions are placed upon the use to ensure the protection of the public and council property. 

What requires Council approval?


All driveways traverse a public footpath and require approval from council prior to construction.   Driveway applications can be made online or in hard copy.  On receipt of your application council will determine the appropriate levels and requirements which will facilitate the movement of vehicles whilst maintaining the integrity of public property and safety for pedestrians.


Application fee - single dwelling
Fee is $365.       $130 for additional inspections if required. 

Application fee - developments including dual occupancy
Fee is $620.      $130 for additional inspections if required.

Driveway Application for single dwellings
Driveway Application for Multiple Dwellings including Dual Occupancies


Only concreters approved by Council can be used to undertake works on council's Road Reserves.  This minimises the risk of defective concreting on council's property.  

Authorised Contractors Register

Select a concreter from council's Authorised Vehicle Crossing Contractors Register.

Apply to be on council's list of approved concreters

See more information about Driveways on our Landing Page

Road Openings

Approval is required to open or excavate the surface within or bore beneath a public road for the purpose of undertaking public utility service connections or works.  This includes activities such as residential gas/electricity/water connections, ground water bores and larger utility authority projects.


Application fee - Single dwelling
Fees are $195

Application fee - Multiple dwelling and non residential properties including Dual Occupancies
Fees are $310

There may be additional charges depending on the amount of restoration required.

Apply - Road Openings - single residential (online or complete PDF)
Apply - Road Opening - multiple dwelling and non residential properties (online or complete PDF)

Skip Bins

An approval is required for a skip bin to be placed on public land.  If the skip bin is placed wholly on private property, no permit is required.

You must apply at least 5 days prior to the intended date of placement.  Failure to provide all relevant information required as part of the application may result in the assessment of the application being delayed and/or the application being refused.

Approval can be granted for the placement of a bin on public land for a maximum of 14 days but only a maximum of 7 days if placed on the roadway.  If a longer period is required a new application must be lodged and a further fee paid. Despite any approval, Council reserves the right to order the removal of a skip bin if it is not placed in accordance with the placement of skip bins on public land policy or if the bin (or associated activity) causes a risk to public safety or harm to the environment.

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping containers or Storage Pods are not permitted on any part of council property, including roadway, footpaths or nature strips.


2 days - $33
7 days - $94
14 days - $180

Apply - Skip Bin placement (online or complete PDF)

Requirement for skip bin placement 

Location Maximum length  Maximum width  Clearance 
Footway or grass verge  7 metres  2.5 metres  Minimum 1.5 metres clearance either side for pedestrian access 
Road/carriageway   7 metres 1.7 metres  Skip bin not to protrude into traffic lane or impede flow of water in the gutter. 

Property Alignment Levels

Submit this application to obtain information in relation to the alignment levels along the front boundary of your property. This application provides information only, it is most useful for people undertaking large developments or for those with steep or complex driveway access.

This will allow you to understand how the level of the ground in the road and verge area may impact on your development and its design. It can be valuable to know this prior to submitting your DA as it will ensure that your design levels are correct from the outset.


Application fee - with existing kerb and gutter - $310
Application fee - with no existing kerb and gutter - $885

Apply - Property Alignment Levels (PDF)

Detailed Frontage Works

Larger scale developments generally require works to be completed in the road reserve.  Such works are necessary to facilitate pedestrian and vehicular access, provide adequate drainage of the site, mitigate impacts on traffic and pedestrian safety, to provide adequate landscaping and to make necessary adjustments to public service infrastructure and utilities.  The requirement for a detailed frontage design is generally a condition of development consent, however separate applications must be made to council to enable the scope of works to be determined and for designs to be approved prior to construction.   


For a total Development value under $300,000 the fee will be $655

For a total Development value greater than $300,000 the fee will be 0.2% of the cost of the Development value, to a maximum of $30,000.

There may be an additional charge of $340 for any required re-assessment.

Apply - Detailed Frontage Works 

Cranes and Pumps

The use of public places for the operation of a crane or concrete pump on road work platform to facilitate construction works, may be permitted with prior council approval. 

Further if an on-site tower crane is used but is lifting, slewing and/or free swinging across the road/footpath area, prior council approval is also required.


Application fee - $305.  There will be additional fees depending on how much of Council's land will be used. 

Apply for a crane or concrete pump approval (online or complete PDF)


Hoarding is an area that is fenced off or separated from the public area in order to facilitate works or activities within the public place while maintaining safe and convenient access for the public.

  • An ‘A’ class hoarding is a structure of wire or wood usually 1.8m in height or greater.
  • A ‘B’ class hoarding is an overhead protective structure made of wood or steel that combines an elevated barrier with pedestrian access beneath.  The ‘B’ class hoarding also incorporates an ‘A’ class structure adjacent the work area.

The erection of an ‘A’ class or ‘B’ class hoarding necessary for construction activities is permitted upon a public place with prior council approval. 


Application fee - $305.  There will be additional fees depending on how much of Council's land will be used. 

Apply - hoardings (online or complete PDF)
Hoarding ('A' Class or 'B' Class)

Work zones

Applications for work zones approval include work such as:

  • The use of the roadway for construction purposes and or for the loading and unloading of vehicles is occasionally necessary.  
  • Building or structure such as a roadway, footway, bridge or tunnel, which is constructed or installed on or in the vicinity of a road.
  • Regulation of traffic on the road or the carriage of utility services across the road including construction, erection, installation, maintenance, repair, removal or replacement of a road work.  
  • A length of road delineated by truck/work zone signs set aside by the Road Authority for trucks/delivery vehicles to drop off or pick up goods.


Application fee - $305.  There will be additional fees depending on how much of Council's land will be used.  A fee of $215 for sign / signposting (minimum of 2 signs) also applies.

Apply - Work zones (use of the road reserve for construction purposes)

Temporary Road Closures

Use this form to apply for a temporary road closure for events such as a fete or parade ONLY. Applications must be lodged at least 3 months prior to the date of the proposed road closure. If you have any enquiries in relation to your application please contact Council’s Traffic and Transport department on 9710 0277. 


Application fee - $305

 Apply - Temporary Road Closure 

development application or complying development certificate may also be required if you are carrying out development on private property.

Community and Sporting Banners

Displaying banners are a highly effective way to publicise sporting club information and community events or campaigns to the broad community.

Council’s Community and Sporting Banners Guideline outlines the requirements and application process for local sporting, leisure, hobby, cultural or other community based not-for-profit groups to display banners.

Banners or signage placed on Council land or infrastructure, that is of a commercial nature and/or that provides benefit to a private entity or person, will not be approved.

For more information please read the Community and Sporting Banners Guideline or direct any questions to Council’s Public Domain Team on 9710 0108. If you wish to seek approval to place a banner on one of Council’s many approved locations, please contact us.

Road Design Application RDA


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More information

Policies and documents

Authorised Vehicle Crossing Contractors / Concreters Register Public Domain Works Kerbside House Numbering Guideline


Crane and Pump Permits Construct Driveway - Large Developments Construct Driveway - Single Residential Dwellings Detailed Frontage Works Hoarding Road Opening - Single Residential Temporary Road Closure Work Zone Permits Road Opening - Multiple Dwelling - Non-Residential Skip Bins



Crane and Pump Permits Driveway - Large Developments Driveways - Single Residential Dwellings Detailed Frontage Works Hoarding Property Alignment Levels Road Openings Multiple Dwelling - Non-Residential Road Opening - Single Residential Skip Bins Temporary Road Closure Work Zone Permits

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