Greenweb helps property owners care for native habitats on their land.

The program aims to preserve bush habitats for the benefit of native flora and fauna. Schools are welcome to join in.

The program offers:

  • free garden consultations
  • educational talks
  • planting days and bush regeneration
  • financial assistance for eligible property owners and schools.

Watch Clarence Slockee in the ABC Gardening Australia episode - Growing Green Webs learn about the program.

Get involved

To participate, contact Council’s Greenweb Officer on 0414 193 840 to schedule a consultation. We can provide advice about:

  • appropriate native plant species for the location
  • suitable landscaping projects to encourage native fauna
  • controlling invasive weeds
  • other environmental or horticultural questions.

You may also be entitled to:

You can also improve habitats for native wildlife in your backyard by:

  • adding native plants to gardens
  • removing invasive weeds
  • installing nest boxes for native fauna
  • retaining natural features such as logs or rocks.
Como Primary School Greenweb program Como Primary School participates in the Greenweb program
Backyard greenweb program Book your backyard consultation with Council's Greenweb Officer

Eligibility for Grant Funding

Residents within the Greenweb network are eligible to apply for a Greenweb Grant to help with ecological restoration on their property.

Find out if your property is in the Greenweb network by checking Shire Maps.

In Shire Maps:

  1. Select Environment in the left panel drop-down.
  2. Click Greenweb.
  3. Click the four horizontal lines next to the Layers heading near the top of the page, then click Show Legend.
  4. Enter your address in the search field. Your property will be highlighted by a blue boundary line and you will be able to see if you are located within one of the three Greenweb sub-categories.

Find out more about the Greenweb Grant