We are dredging a navigational channel to improve access to Cronulla Boat Ramp for greater enjoyment of this beautiful waterway.

Cronulla Boat Ramp, Gunnamatta Bay.

Project timeline

Project start:  February 2023

Expected completion: April 2023

Project background

The Cronulla boat ramp was upgraded on November 2019  and the dredging of an approach channel will  improve  the water depth at low tide.   Localised dredging around the toe of the boat ramp was caried out at the time of construction.

The raised silt bed that remains inhibits access at low tide and can cause larger boats without a shallow draft to become beached. These works will improve water access from the entrance of the ramp to deeper water.

Scope of works

The work includes dredging the approach channel, modifying the kayak launch area to improve use in low tide and relocating some boulders to improve access.

Public impacts during construction

  • The boat ramp will be closed from mid February 2023 to late April 2023.
  • Alternate boat ramps are located at Water Street, Caringbah; Wally’s Wharf, Dolans Bay; Wonga Road Wharf, Yowie Bay and Swallow Rock Drive, Grays Point.
  • The car park will remain open throughout the work although there will be reduced parking.


The project is jointly funded by Transport for NSW from their Boating Now Program and Council.