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When completing this form you are required to attach a description of the activities and your public liability insurance.

Describe the activities

The brief should outline shoot details and the nature of your activity, parking and essential vehicles on site, safety requirements, environmental management requirements, road closures, temporary structures, replica weapons, props etc. In your brief please include as much information as possible to ensure an accurate permit is issued.

Public liability insurance

For all filming, photography, productions or stunts you will be required to provide a current copy of  your Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance Cover with Sutherland Shire Council listed as an interested party of no less than $20 million.

For major productions or stunts, special effects or pyrotechnics, a higher level of cover may be required.

For troubleshooting enquiries please contact the Film Liaison Officer on 02 9710 0891.

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1. Applicant details

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If you are a student, we need a copy of both sides of your current student pass.

2. On site details

3. Nature of activity

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Does your film or photography shoot involve the use of firearms, replica firearms, weapons or stunts? If yes, please provide further information in your brief. *

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4. Attach  supporting documents

5. Declaration

I declare that, on behalf of the production company specified in this application, this information is, to the best of my knowledge, accurate and correct. *

I agree and have read Council’s Filming Terms and Conditions. * Read Council’s Filming Terms and Conditions.

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