Citizen of the Year winner

Danielle Lucas and  Megan Barnes

Danielle Lucas and Megan Barnes

Danielle founded a NFP charity 5 years ago called Care 4 Kids Ltd for children impacted by domestic violence. She grew up aff ected by domestic violence losing her mum to years of abuse & she was placed in foster care. During lockdown & while out of work herself, besides running her charity which is inundated with requests she has taken on ensuring families in her community are being looked after, with meals & groceries making sure they are not going without. She has approached local restaurants to donate meals, cooked herself, community have donated vouchers & she has used her own vehicle delivering meals every day for the last few weeks. She is amazing, selfl ess, kind, caring & passionate about helping others. She is a mum, friend, wife and a community champion!

Megan has been relentless over the last 9 years with her crusade to ensure no other family has to hear the words “I have pancreatic cancer”. Megan lost her father in just 120 days in 2012 but doesn’t dwell on that fact as doing that would let her Father’s legacy die. Megan is on the World pancreatic cancer coalition & continues to use her voice with not only The Shire but the world to ensure we all know the symptoms. Megan’s advocacy is such that she was mentioned in parliament by our honourable MP Mark Speakman.

Young Citizen of the Year winner

Alexander Tuckfield

Alexander Tuckfield

Alexander is a Paralympic athlete who recently competed at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Games & achieved a bronze medal in the 400 Freestyle for swimming. This was his first international competition at the highest level possible. This was an incredible achievement given the impact of Covid. This took 5 years of commitment starting as an 11-year-old with a goal of making the Paralympics, swimming 20 hrs. a week in Sutherland pool. During Covid he did not give up, swam in the ocean at Cronulla and Gunnamatta bay, using a wetsuit in winter to keep swimming even in the dark. As an athlete born with Cerebral Palsy. He used swimming to help manage his disability throughout his life. This is very inspirational.

Community Group of the Year winner

Covid-19 Sutherland Shire Community Group

Covid-19 Sutherland Shire Community Group

The COVID-19 Sutherland Shire Community Group Facebook page kept the community abreast of COVID developments, news & updates with accurate, timely information with some laughs along the way. throughout COVID. I referred to this page on a daily basis & potentially 5,000 others did too! Their selflessness & commitment to outstanding service in the name of keeping us safe and healthy.

Environmental Citizen of the Year winner

Julie Keating

Julie Keating

Julie is a shorebird enthusiast, who for the last 10 years has been studying the Port Hacking shorebirds. She is out every day monitoring the sands & mudfl ats that are home to these extraordinary birds. Through her stunning photography & video, Julie has raised awareness of the shorebirds among residents & visitors & advocated for protection of their habitat. Using social media, she has actively grown Shire shorebird interest. Furthermore, she leads walks & is building a growing team of volunteers, helping them to learn about the birds, monitor numbers, movements, & behaviour & how to look after them. She has also contributed vital information to inform government decision making on development in shorebird habitat areas. Julie’s leadership in public information, education & advocacy is crucial to ensure that these incredible shorebirds find a safe and welcoming home in the Shire.

Nominees - Citizen of the Year

Cameron Simpson

Cameron is a firefighter and for the past 10 years as a volunteer lifesaver with Elouera SLSC as patrol Captain. Last year Cameron with fellow patrol members successfully rescued and resuscitated a member of the public. The rescue was nominated for “Rescue of the Year” at Surf Life Saving Sydney Branch.

Emma  Payne

Emma shares the joy of music and movement helping elderly people in independent and aged care stay active. During COVID, she’s continued to run movement classes either in-person, dancing outside of windows or online. Emma also offered free movement classes online to local children and Aged Care staff.

Jacqueline Townsend

Jackie is a volunteer firefighter with Menai RFS as a captain and nurse, is the first aid teacher and responder. She was involved in fighting the Black summer bush fires. As a front-line health worker she has been instrumental in providing safe infection control and involved in reassuring patients, especially the elderly and in the safe roll out of the influenza vaccine, Astra Zeneca and Pfizer vaccines.

Patricia Pender

Pat has been presenting a radio program, Saturday Morning Jukebox, for over 10 years on 2SSR. It is one of the most popular Saturday programs not only on 2SSR but on Sydney radio in general. There are thousands of Shire listeners every week as well as listeners interstate and overseas. Pat is a volunteer and as well as producing & presenting her weekly 4-hour program, she is also the Program Manager for 2SSR.

Sandra Holden

Sandra is a dedicated role model for those who are passionate about mental health and improved wellbeing. Her advocacy and passion for a supportive and inclusive community is demonstrated positively through her role as Lucas Heights Community Schools Wellbeing Advisor.

Scott Thomas

Scott is a Nippers coordinator with Elouera SLSC and a Fireman who is a role model for kids at Elouera. Scott spends his time planning, communicating and working with age managers, parents and the Nippers’ Committee so that kids can learn, train and compete.

Sophie Brown

Sophie is a photographer in the Shire and started a project due to lockdown, Sutherland Shire Open 4 Business to help promote Shire businesses. Sophie was on Job Keeper and decided to do the first 100 businesses for FREE, valued at $55,000. Sophie has completed 200 photo sessions & captured 180 businesses for the project.

Spyros Abelas

Spyro is a Greek migrant who purchased a Mixed Business on Gerrale Street. He worked every day for 5 years to make his business a success. Spyro’s passion for small business started here where he became an active member of the Cronulla Community.

Nominees - Young Citizen of the Year

Amanda Reid

Amanda at the age of 24 she has been to three Paralympics Games, London 2012, Rio 2016, Tokyo 2020. Amanda’s achievements are a Gold medal and World Record in Track Cycling, Silver in Track Cycling and Finalist in London in swimming. Amanda helps other young athletes via mentoring or assisting and has donated cycling equipment to cycling clubs.

Ashleigh Dean

Ashleigh is a proud advocate for mental health and the lives of young people around her. With such passion and drive, Ashleigh dedicates her time with various organisations where she can volunteer and share her ideas with the team to achieve goals.

Lara Proctor

Lara led the creation of ‘Women United’ which seeks to combat sexism in all forms through education and empowerment of young women and young men about the impact their behaviour and comments have on women. Through this initiative Lara mentored younger peers and provided leadership opportunities.

Nominees - Community Group of the Year

1st Oyster Bay Scout Group

The 1st Oyster Bay Scout Group organised a District Backyard Camp at home and Olympics to provide an opportunity for Cubs and Scouts to interact and lift the spirits of over 60 Joey Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts & Venture Scouts during the COVID lockdown period.

Activus Transport

Activus Transport continued to provide essential community transport services during lockdown for Shire residents and enhanced the wellbeing of members of the community during. Appointments, shopping and veterinarian visits for pets still had to be attended and without Activus facilitating those trips, many Shire residents would have missed crucial commitments.

Care 4 Kids

Care 4 Kids Ltd is a NFP charity founded five years ago by Danielle Lucas to help children impacted by domestic violence. She grew up affected by domestic violence losing her mum to years of abuse and she was placed in foster care.

Kurranulla Aboriginal Corporation

Kurranulla is a community group based in Sutherland Shire, whose services played a vital role in enhancing the wellbeing of members of the local Aboriginal community during particularly with Covid-19. Kurranulla are dedicated to providing individually tailored and culturally appropriate services to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander’s within the Shire.

Southern Sydney 24 Hour Ultra

Stephen Redfern is an Australian 24-hour track representative, he is humble & wants only the best for the Sutherland Shire. His Southern Sydney 24 Hour Ultra is well run, inspires and facilitates runners of all levels.

Sutherland Music Club

The Sutherland Music Club provides an important service to the Shire. With the onset of Covid, the Club was forced to cancel our remaining 2020 concerts and annual Youth Music Awards competition. The Club has provided four concerts which have not only entertained our masked, Covid-safe audiences of senior citizens, but given performance opportunities for professional musicians.

The Daisie Chain

The Daisie Chain are a dedicated team of fitness instructors, performers and entertainers for the Aged Care and Disability. The team’s resilience and adaptability has meant residents have been able to stay active with online classes.

Zonta Club of Botany Bay

NB: This Community Group works & operates from the Sutherland Shire - Zonta Club of Botany Bay (ZCBB) have worked for 27 years to support local women. ZCBB worked with Platform 9 for women in crisis to provide household essentials to every family leaving the refuge. This year, every client was provided with bed linen to use &and take with them as part of the refuge’s COVID response.

Nominees - Environmental Citizen of the Year winner

Deborah Stapleton

Debbie launched the Sutherland Shire Balloon Library on Facebook earlier this year. The balloon library is free to join and allows community to contribute their used helium balloons. Debbie retrieves them and lends them to the public as many times as feasible, for no charge.

Dennis Dal Santo

Dennis is passionate about the amount of plastic waste in the environment. Dennis and a few other volunteers collect plastic waste from Green Hills, Boat Harbour, Potter Point, Silvers Beach and Burning Palms Beach, helping to clean the environment for all users.

Jonathan Prendergast and Jay Banyer

Jonathan & Jay established Sunny Shire several years ago in order to support the Shire community to receive the benefits of renewable energy and efficiency including cost savings, self-reliance, resilience and lower impact on our environment. Jonathan and Jay work in the renewable energy industry but run Sunny Shire purely as volunteers, as a project of the environmental charity Sutherland Shire Environment Centre.

Robyn Bingle

Robyn is a member of the of the Sutherland Shire Canoe Club and is passionate about protecting Woronora River where the club is based against plastic pollution. The club has been involved in an increasing number of clean-ups along the river, targeting hard to reach areas not serviced by Council and Georges Riverkeeper.

Citizen of the Year winner

Sandra Hudson

Sandra Hudson

Sandra Hudson, as a volunteer at Sutherland Shire hospital who organises events to raise awareness of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit including CPR nights, women's heart dinners and the 'Happy Hearts' Sutherland Shire walking group. Sandra also started the 'MRI for Sutherland Hospital' action group.

Young Citizen of the Year winner

Ashleigh Dean

Ashleigh Dean

Ashleigh Dean is a Mental Health advocate working as an active member of the Headspace Youth Reference Group, as well as organising and leading the Wellbeing Day within her school. Ashleigh has achieved the 'highly commendable' award for Zonta Young Women in Public Affairs, as well as becoming the School Captain of her Local High School.

Community Group of the Year winner

Engadine/Heathcote  & Surrounds: New Mum Village

Engadine Heathcote and Surrounds 'New Mum Village' Eliza and Kim

Engadine/Heathcote & Surrounds: New Mum Village. This year when nearly all mothers groups were cancelled, two local mums with newborns created an online community group helping more than 190 mothers in Engadine/Heathcote & Surrounds with their pregnancy and babies. The group plans park playdates, monthly 'Wine Down Wednesday' lunches at which they have raised $500 for Breast Cancer and are starting a local Nanna Morning Tea with community members who can't see their grandchildren due to the border closures.

Environmental Citizen of the Year winner

Sarah-Jo Lobwein

Sarah-Jo Lobwein

Sarah-Jo Lobwein is a marine scientist, science communicator, volunteer, teacher and a passionate conservation educator focussed on reducing plastic consumption and pollution. She is the founder of 'SO Shire' a community organisation – Sustainable Organisations of the Sutherland Shire – who work to protect our natural environment, waterways and beaches.

Nominees - Citizen of the Year

Marilyn Urch and Sandra Hudson

Marilyn Urch (left) and Sandra Hudson spent two years working to have an MRI machine at Sutherland Hospital. At the moment approximagely 800 patients have to travel from Sutherland Hospital to St George Hospital to have an MRI.

Rob Cook

Rob helped set up the Sutherland Shire Community Co-op, an open pantry for Sutherland Shire residents who lost their jobs due to Covid. The co-op brings in over a tonne of fresh food every week, along with a similar amount of long life type foods, equating to more than 1000 meals per week.

Joanne Myers

Joanne volunteers her time to run the Grays Point Girl Guides teaching young girls about caring for the environment and life skills. She is also the NSW Cleft Pals contact new families of babies born with cleft lip and palettes and also helps at the hospital meeting the parents when their baby is born.

Günther Theischinger

Günther Theischinger is a retired entomologist who lives in the Shire. He would be considered one of Australia's leading experts on Dragonflies. In 2020 Mr. Theischinger helped Sutherland Shire Council staff with the identification of a possible rare Sydney Hawk dragonfly larvae.

Thomas McCabe

Thomas has been a dedicated member of NSW Rural Fire Service - Sutherland Communications and Heathcote/HQ Brigade for the past 46 years. Thomas is also an active member of the Sutherland District Secondary Schools Cadet Program.

Andrew Deards

Andrew serves with the Australian Air Force Cadets unit at Sutherland, No.18 Flight as Instructor/Lecturer. He is also a current member of the local Marine Rescue and a member of the Grays Point Rural Fire Service

Nominees - Young Citizen of the Year

Samuel Corby

Samuel Corby is an active member of both NSW Rural Fire Service and NSW State Emergency Service. Today at only 24 years of age, Sam has demonstrated commitment to both Emergency Services as a volunteer member.

Nicholas Creef

Nicholas has cared for families and children through tragedy and mentored students from year 6 to year 7 with disabilities. He has worked with Aboriginal organisations for the welfare of Aboringal families in Sutherland Shire and organised parent breakfasts for the School community.

Bronte Leghissa

Bronte Leghissa developed an online platform to encourage local spending and support local business during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Darian Lenton

Darian founded We, Future Leaders - a tutoring and mentoring company and in less than 12 months has grown from just herself to a team of 25 staff. She is an active volunteer, musician, author and advocate for children in out of home care.

Keiley Mead

Keiley Mead, is a health and wellness advocate and one of the faces of Chronic Pain Australia's 2020 Awareness Campaign. Having suffered personal health challenges, Keiley is now a role model. She is a university student, business owner and disability support worker.

Kai Withers

Kai, a surf life saver and full time apprentice in construction, he dedicates his spare time to assisting kids his own age with disabilities. He goes above the requirements and develops friendships with them and even invites them to his mum’s for dinner.

Nominees - Community Group of the Year

Sutherland Shire Family Services

Sutherland Shire Family Services provides a comprehensive service for women, children and young people, when they are at their most vulnerable. They provide a safety net, financially and emotionally, and help people heal from trauma to rebuild their lives.

Sutherland Food Services

SFS is a Commonwealth Home Support Program funded by The Department of Health to provide meals, wellbeing checks and information to the aged community of Sutherland Shire.

Stellar Experiences

Enabling young people living with disabilities to engage in social activities helping them live their best lives. A social group supporting our additional needs youth to enjoy an inclusive social environment.

3 Bridges Early Years Support Service

Professionally trained and supervised volunteers home visit mothers referred by health & welfare workers for support due to lack of family support, or mothers who have as post natal depression, anxiety, multiple births, ill health and or disability issues, new to the area and Australian Defence families.

Sydney 3 CAMberra

The Sydney 2 CAMberra charity group, which was created in the Sutherland Shire to support families and friends touched by incidents of stillbirth and infant loss. Over nine years this charity has raised/donated over $1.6M to various charities, all done on a volunteer basis.

Sutherland Shire Horse Owners Association Club

Sutherland Shire Horse Owners Association Club has been providing opportunities and support to Junior, Senior and Disabled riders to compete in the sport of Dressage. They also provide opportunities for Race Horses to be retrained and re-homed.

St George/Sutherland Parkinson's Support Group

The Parkinson's NSW St George/Sutherland Parkinson's Support Group provide social and emotional support for people living with Parkinson's and their families and carers in Sutherland Shire. They raise funds to support the ongoing work of Parkinson's NSW by hosting BBQ's and Fashion shows.

Wildlife Emergency Response, Sutherland Shire & Beyond

Wildlife Emergency Response, Sutherland Shire & Beyond is a community response group that has assisted hundreds of injured, orphaned and rehabilitating native animals, following the devastation of recent drought and fire events.

Citizen of the Year winner

Michael Batty

Michael has given a significant amount of his personal time to community based activities including surf life saving, bushfire brigade, the John Franklin Christmas Day lunch, Sutherland Hospital, and as a board member of Tradies.

Young Citizen of the Year winner

Kal Glanzing

Kal has continually strived to improve our community through the Plastic Free Cronulla initiative, organising $100,000 worth of solar panels for Caringbah High School, being on the Stakeholder Reference Group for the Cronula Plaza redevelopment, and providing an alternative community-driven design for the Boat Harbour redevelopment.

Community Group of the Year winner

Animal Shelter Volunteers

Animal Shelter Volunteers are a group of dedicated people who attend the shelter in rain, hail or shine and provide love and care to the animals by spending time helping to socialise and train them in readiness for when they find a new home. The volunteers also help with cleaning and tidying the facility, washing bedding and cleaning in the dog kennels and runs, and in the cattery.

Environmental Citizen of the Year winner

Chase Cross

Chase is a young community champion, collecting cans and bottles used at home, from restaurants, social and sporting events and even family holidays as part of a school project called “The Planet is there to Share”. Chase collected 2061 in a single school term and through the Return and earn scheme, earned $206.10 which he donated to Love Mercy Foundation. The Foundation is a local Sutherland Shire based charity that helps people in Northern Uganda, Africa.

Nominees - Citizen of the Year

Jane Hall

Jane Hall is a long term, and active, member of Southern Brass (Sutherland Shire Brass), 1st Oyster Bay Scouts, and a volunteer with Australian Breastfeeding Association.

Eric  Tam

Eric has been a volunteer with St John Ambulance for over 20 years. This year he started the St John Ambulance (NSW) - Sutherland Cadets to give young people opportunities to learn new skills, grow in confidence and form strong friendships.

Nominees - Young Citizen of the Year

Luiza Knijnik

Luiza is a proactive member of our community and a passionate advocate for young refugees, educating her peers about the struggles refugees face. Luiza also publishes an online social justice magazine for young people that explores global topics of equality, health, human rights.

Katelyn Peoples

Katelyn has served with St John Ambulance for many years, volunteering for over her set hourly requirements every year with local and state duties and is now an officer within the organisation and second in command of their new youth division.

Nominees - Community Group of the Year

Bonnet Bay Football Club

Bonnet Bay FC operates within a small pocket of Sutherland Shire yet punches well above its weight on and off the field and is a wonderful example of what can be achieved when a community gets behind a well compiled strategy. Named 2018 Best Community Sports Club of the Year by Sports NSW and Best Club at the 2018 Menai District Sports Awards.

Cronulla Rotary Club

Cronulla Rotary is a dynamic bunch of community-minded people who donate their time to help people and groups in our district. The club's focus is on the youth in the Shire and fundraising for local charities.

The OWN Sutherland Wellness Centre

The OWN Sutherland Wellness Centre provides support for women over 50 in a social and health context. Activities run by professional trainers assist women to stay healthy. Lunches, book club, day outings and morning teas provide important social connection. By gaining support, older women continue to play a vital part in their communities, volunteering for many other important services in the Shire and, in turn, supporting those around them.

Sutherland Shire Horse Owners Club

The Sutherland Shire Horse Owners club has been active in the Shire for nearly 40 years, providing Event/Competitions for Dressage riders. It has particularly encouraged young and junior riders to compete and provides events for disabled riders. A Rio Disabled Olympic rider competed at the Como grounds. It's a very friendly club and encourages the sport of Dressage in Sutherland Shire.

Sutherland 2 Surf

The Sutherland 2 Surf (S2S) is a community fun run/walk catering for all ages and levels of physical capability. It is coordinated by a committee of volunteer members from the Wanda Surf Life Saving Club who also dedicate their time to patrol Wanda Beach, educate, coach and train surf lifesavers as well as other activities for the Club.

Nominees - Environmental Citizen of the Year winner

Jannali Rangers

The Jannali Rangers is a group of students and parent/grandparent volunteers from Jannali Public School who work together to look after “The Patch” at the school, a community vegetable garden that encourages and inspires sustainable practices such as food waste avoidance, recycling and composting. It gives students a sense of place and their role in looking after that place and how with little changes big differences can be achieved not just at school but also at home.

Toni Weber

Toni has single-handedly driven change within the community and young and upcoming workforce who she has retrained to hold new ideals of environmental awareness. She is the driving force of sustainable and environmentally friendly choices at her café Mr Paisleys Café including a boomerang cup program, Keep Cup discounts and avoiding single-use plastic in business operations.