Complying Development can be undertaken without formal Council consent, but a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) is still required.

Complying Development is defined by NSW legislation and can apply to homes, businesses and industry.

It covers a range of developments, including the construction of new dwellings, alterations and additions to existing houses, new industrial buildings, demolitions and changes to business use.

For dwelling houses in the C4 Environmental Living Zone, Complying Development may also be carried out under Schedule 3 of the Sutherland Shire Local Environment Plan 2015 (SSLEP2015).

NSW Department of Planning and Environment provides a full definition and other information.

Applications for a CDC are made through the NSW Planning Portal.

Our Complying Development Certificate checklist will help you complete all the necessary requirements.

A CDC can be issued by Council or by an accredited private certifier, provided the application meets specific criteria.

To apply for a CDC via a private certifier, you should understand their submission requirements and fees.

To apply for a CDC using Council as the certifier, you will need:

A Long Service Levy applies to projects costing $25,000 or more. The levy can be paid to Council or the Long Service Levy Corporation.

Payment is required before a CDC can be issued.

Council provides a Planning Enquiry Service, which may be able to assist.

Assistance using the Planning Portal

If you require assistance using the Planning Portal, and you were unable to find the answer within the Help and Support section, contact ServiceNSW for assistance.

P 1300 305 695