This is a formal meeting to discuss your development. A written record is retained. A pre-application discussion (PAD) will generally not be held for alterations and additions to a dwelling or for the construction of a new single storey dwelling house.

What do I need to apply?

  • fee   - PDF - 892 KB is charged for this service and you will be invoiced once your application is processed.
  • Email a copy of the completed Pre-Application Discussion form and plans/documentation.
  • Owners consent.
  • An outline of what is being proposed.
  • General information covering what you hope to achieve on the site and how you propose to address any likely impacts on the locality.
  • Details about the site.
  • A detailed site analysis.

Apply for a Pre-Application Discussion - PDF - 934 KB

ePlanning Service

For enquiries regarding the lodgement of an application, call 02 9710 0040 or email Council’s ePlanning Team.

Email - ePlanning