An important message for our customers

As you may be aware, we are experiencing a continuing unprecedented number of DA lodgements. This, coupled with the departure of a number of our planning professionals, has resulted in longer timeframes DA assessments and determination.

Our focus is on providing a quality customer experience and please be assured that we are addressing this issue. We are working to minimise the impact to our customers by appointing new staff to our Planning Teams and by streamlining processes.

Here are a few tips to help us process your DA more quickly

  1. Try to ensure your application complies with the relevant statutory planning requirements. Do your homework before lodging the application.
  2. If we request further information or design changes, or if there are other issues with your DA, you will be able to meet with us for a discussion.
  3. Following this, you will have one opportunity to submit revised plans or the outstanding information. Multiple plan amendments or revisions will no longer be accepted.
  4. You can check updates at certain points in the process through our online DA Tracker. Where possible, our staff will also advise you of the progress of your application.
  5. We will only communicate with the nominated applicant for the DA.
We are working to restore our usual assessment service levels and improve your experience.
We apologise if you are experiencing delays and ask for your continued patience, both with our staff and with the process.