We're upgrading facilities in the Kirrawee shopping precinct to revitalise and beautify the area. The work extends from South Village to President Ave, Kirrawee.

134-168 Oak Road, Kirrawee NSW 2232

Project timeline

Project start:  April 2021.

Expected completion: June 2023.

Project background

The project arose from a Voluntary Planning Agreement for the South Village Development and included:

Provision of a monetary Development Contribution in the amount of $500,000 for the beautification of the Kirrawee Shopping Precinct [as determined by the Council].

Following two rounds of community consultation, results were analysed and a scope of works determined.

Consultation with the Kirrawee business community

In November 2019, the Kirrawee business community was invited to attend one of two workshops to gather ideas for improving Kirrawee town centre. Attendees voted on ideas in categories of place identity, signage, technology, parking and traffic and were able to propose new ideas. Eleven business owners attended the two sessions. The top five ideas were:

  1. More parking.
  2. Variable time limit parking between 1P - 3P.
  3. Return and Earn recycling station.
  4. Decorative lighting.
  5. Flora Street angle parking.

Consultation with Kirrawee residents

In February 2020, Kirrawee residents were invited to complete an online survey or attend a drop-in information session. Feedback was gathered on how to improve centre facilities.

Project scope

  • New seasonal banners (completed)
  • New street art mural (completed)
  • Street lighting upgrade
  • New lighting to pedestrian crossing (impacted by Sutherland to Cronulla Active Transport Link (SCATL), pending approval)
  • Landscape work including seating, planting areas, bike racks (partially impacted by SCATL, pending approval)
  • More short-term parking (completed)
  • Oak Road bridge footpath widening (Transport for NSW leading as part of SCATL)
  • Signage (partially completed)

Impacts during construction

Footpaths will remain open during construction however sections may be fenced for a limited time as we complete each component. Pedestrian detours will be in place at these times. There may be some inconvenience to parking and vehicle access while materials are delivered to site. There will be additional noise during construction.

We understand that this work may have an impact on the public and apologise for any inconvenience. We appreciate your patience while we carry out these essential works.


This project is fully funded from developer contributions.

The project arose from a Voluntary Planning Agreement from the Brick Pit Development. This included:

Provision of a monetary Development Contribution in the amount of $500,000 for the beautification of the Kirrawee Shopping Precinct [as determined by the Council].

The project will:

  • create a more vibrant streetscape during the day and at night
  • enhance the comfort and experience of shoppers and businesses
  • increase pedestrian safety
  • improve the visibility of the centre from major intersections.

Council will revitalise the shopping centre with:

  • seasonal banners for events and celebrations.
  • contemporary and vibrant street art reflecting the renewed energy of the centre
  • additional seating and planted areas to beautify the centre and encourage visitors to stay
  • improved street lighting to ensure current standards are met
  • new lighting for the pedestrian crossing
  • more short-term parking to improve accessibility to retailers
  • wider footpaths across Oak Road Bridge to improve connections to the centre from SCATL, the new park and residents to the south, subject to approvals
  • signage at key entry points.

Council consulted with the community in November 2019 and February 2020 through street stall presentations and online on Join The Conversation. Community feedback has been incorporated into the final designs.

Community feedback has been incorporated where feasible. Council must balance community expectations and budget constraints. Suggestions for additional parking are limited by privately owned buildings and the railway.

The wall depicting the street art is not owned by Council. We negotiated with the building owner and the tenant and the final mural was chosen by all parties. We believe this vibrant artwork adds excitement to Kirrawee Shopping Centre… it's also Instagram-worthy!

New garden beds were included as community feedback expressed dissatisfaction with the existing raised planting tubs. There was a desire for garden beds with flowering plants in order to enhance the ‘village feel’ of the centre.