Family Day Care is nurturing, safe and fun. With only four children in care in the Educator's own home, it mirrors the warmth and security of a family environment.

About Fiona

I have worked in early education and care for many years including Early Education Centres and Family Day Care.

As an early childhood specialist, I establish strong relationships with families so that we can collaborate on their child's learning and developmental progress.

Parents are provided comprehensive journals that include observations, programming, developmental checklists, photos and work samples.

On a personal note, I am a mum to three beautiful older children.

Educator Fiona

Qualifications and training

  • Diploma of Children's Services
  • Senior First Aid
  • Statement of Attainment in 'Identify and Respond to Children and Young People at Risk of Harm'
  • Emergency Asthma Management
  • First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis

About my service

The children experience many daily play-based learning opportunities reflecting each child's interests, strengths and abilities.

We follow the Early Years Learning Framework, the only government-approved framework for children under school age.

Our daily program includes:

  • language and literacy
  • arts and crafts
  • music
  • cultural experiences
  • physical activity promoting gross and fine motor skills
  • sensory experiences
  • free creative play
  • community excursions and engagement.

The children also enjoy larger shared learning environments including excursions with other Family Day Care Educators and the children in their care.

My centre features a large backyard and bright, welcoming play room where open-ended resources are a big part of play.

The children are free to explore and create. They build their strengths, interests and abilities. The children are unhurried. They engage all their senses. They are gently mentored, organic, joyful and peaceful.

I promote the children’s confidence, sense of being and a positive self-image. Our environment is free from bias and acknowledges each child’s cultural background.

About my facilities

My service offers large and modern spaces both indoors and out.

We have many play-based learning resources for the children's fun and development. There is also plenty of natural light, with large windows overlooking the backyard.

Our modern bathroom facilities are suitable for young children.

Outdoors, we enjoy a large shaded space, the feature of which is a large craft table. The children are very keen on a wide range of craft activities and this is a well-used and much-loved space.

I focus on the children's creativity and connection to our natural environment. In the outdoors we enjoy nature-based play, promoting a love for the natural world.

There are also many resources to build the children's physical and gross motor skills including bikes, scooters, balls and hoops. The children also love playing with our collection of dolls and prams.

The children love personalising the outdoor space by hanging hand-made mobiles and lanterns in the beautiful wattle tree.


My daughter started at age seven months and under Fiona’s love and care absolutely thrived into the confident little girl she is now. Fiona goes above and beyond, providing families with photos, daily reflections and individual summaries. She creates personalised learning activities for each of the children, depending on their interests and passions. You can tell she genuinely loves and cares for the little people in her care.”

“Fiona caters to each child’s specific educational needs, enjoyment and learning capacity. She identifies even the smallest interests and changes in the children in her care. Her experience is evident. She runs her day care with four children at different capabilities and is confident in caring for and meeting their needs.”