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Council is transitioning away from operating a Family Day Care scheme. Our scheme will operate until 30 June 2023.

Currently, families can still apply for Family Day Care. Your application will be referred to those Educator/s you apply for care with.

Prior to our scheme closing on 30 June 2023, Family Day Care Educators will have many months to move across to one of many schemes operating in Sydney. Educators can continue to operate their own small business without interruption, providing ongoing care and education to children.

Enquiries: contact Children’s Services on 02 9710 0466.

Family feedback

We check in with our families on a regular basis. Here is a sample of their feedback:

“Our Educator is exceptional and gives her whole heart to the children. The way she tailors learning experiences based on things the children are passionate about is amazing. She uses these authentic interests to build their developmental areas.”

"Our only regret is we did not discover our daughter's Educator sooner. She loves the children she cares for and takes great effort to teach them so many things."

"Our Educator always goes above and beyond. She has a beautiful nature with the children and is so kind and caring. I trust her with my son. She organises amazing educational and fun activities."

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