Compost Revolution


Recycle your food scraps and cut your waste in half!

Compost - really is a revolution, that's why we've partnered with Compost Revolution to provide our community with discounted items such as worm farms, bokashi bins or compost bins.  Sutherland Shire residents get up to 50% off RRP + FREE delivery on a worm farm, compost or bokashi bin.


Discount price and free delivery only offered for these 3 items (limit 1 item and 1 order per household):

  • 220L compost bin 
  • The Worm Farm 
  • Indoor Bokashi bin   

Visit Compost Revolution to get started:


Get the lowdown on starting your own compost, worm farm or bokashi bin with our quick instruction sheets

         Composting                                        Worm farms                                   Bokashi Bins

Compost.JPG           Worm.JPG           Bokashi.JPG




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